Crying maybe a simple dream to understand. What has just upset you? Has there been some upsetting change to your life? Have you been having problems in a relationship? Did you feel a real moment of regret yesterday? Most dreams will be about upsets that you are already aware of.


Example dream : The dreamers old boss crying symbolised the dreamers own regret as she had left her old job for a job which she did not enjoy. Perhaps the crying was symbolic of people missing her - she would be missed from her former job. The dream may be taps into feelings like "I was liked at my last job" and with that "no one cares about me at this new job."
Example dream : Crying and being upset symbolised the dreamers upset after breaking up with his ex.
Example dream : Crying was a symbol for the distress the dreamer suffered whilst her sister in law tried to humiliate her
Example dream : Crying over a snake bite symbolised the dreamers distress. She was trying to end a relationship and he was unwilling to accept it was over.
Example dream : Crying and pleading in a dream linked to the dreamers worries about her friends dangerous lifestyle. She had just attended a funeral and looked around at the people who were wasting their lives
Example dream : Crying in a dream linked to the dreamer actually hearing her young child crying during the night during her dream.
Example dream : Crying in one dream simply represented the dreamers tired state due to illness. She had had enough due to illness.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer cries when her boyfriend dies was linked to her regrets about saying she wished he was dead.
Example dream : Crying in a dream where her boyfriend dies was linked to her realising how much she loved him. They had recently not spoken for sometime but now she realised that she needed to fight for th relationship.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer's friend cries linked to the dreamers thoughts about his new girlfriend. Her friend was looking optimistically whilst the dreamer was thinking pessimistically how a new girlfriend would mean he would soon be broken hearted again like all his other relationships.
Example dream : Crying in a dream about his wife dying linked to the dreamer missing his wife. They were both working in foreign countries and they very rarely saw each other.
Example dream : The dreamer was crying in her sleep then woke up crying. The dream reflected the upset mood developing in her mind and probably linked to whatever came into her mind when she woke. It probably just meant that she was in a very delicate mood emotionally
Example dream : Crying symbolises the types of emotions that a mother fells after she has gone back to work. The dreamer felt extremely guilty about leaving her daughter at home and feared something bad could happen
Example dream : The crying representing the dreamers belief that a friend would help him at a time of need
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer is crying linked to her thoughts about ending her relationship with her boyfriend. It was upsetting her so much
Example dream : Crying in a dream simply followed on from the tears the day before about her lost relationship
Example dream : A human wolf crying, clawing symbolised the dreamers own boring life in small town america. She had a wilder side which she was unable to express
Example dream : a man dragging a woman who is crying symbolised the dreamers frustration as she worked in a family violence until. Just recently two murders had taken place and the dreamer felt that no one cared.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers boyfriend dies of an overdose linked to the dreamer thinking about her boyfriends wilder side and his drug taking.
Example dream : Crying in a dream represented the continuing upset caused by the dreamer reading his friends journal which had said some very negative things about him
Example dream : Crying in a dream symbolised upset caused by rumours that the dreamers mother was going to move away to another country without telling her.
Example dream : Struggling and crying symbolised a man the dreamer was trying to help. She recognised his real life poverty and wish to escape it
Example dream : Crying was a symbol linked to the dreamers visit to a house for sale. She was emotionally touched by thoughts of the woman who had died here

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