Crime can often be a symbol for someone who you really dislike and distrust. It could equally be a symbol for someone's dislike and mistrust of you - they may think you are little better than a criminal. You maybe as honest as the day is long - it just shows that they have a really bad opinion of you.

Crime is also a metaphor for something that is an outrage. People say 'its a crime that people have not got enough to eat in this day and age'. So think of some similar theme in your own life - if you can think of anything from the day before then its probably caused your dream.

- "an outrageous act"
- "criminal neglect"
- "utterly dislike someone"
- "feeling guilty"


Example dream : A dream where a child has been kidnapped took place the day after the dreamer bumped into someone who he felt an unbelievable sense of betrayal. He felt as if an unspeakable crime had been committed against him, similar to a crime against an innocent child.
Example dream : A dream with a criminal was linked to the dreamers guilt about telling a lie. He had made some exaggerated claims in a newspaper interview. (the symbolism is clear - crime is linked closely to dishonesty so lying is the act of a potential criminal). The dreams meaning featured this theme of "dishonesty" and probably linked to a thought like "I should not have lied to that reporter. I feel guilty for lying."
Example dream : A dream in which some people felt that a terrible crime like a murder had taken place linked to the dreamer being ashamed at the state of his flat. He would never invite anyone around because it was so untidy, it looked like the kind of place where a terrible crime had taken place (like murder).
Example dream : A crime in a dream linked to the dreamer having read something on the internet. A woman had been explaining why she had a terrible dream. Her explanation was very vague and this intrigued the dreamer. The crime in the dream was a symbol of his imagination going wild thinking what could have been so terrible - his mind was pondering what terrible crime or incident had taken place. In the absence of any real information he allowed his own imagination to think what terrible situation had caused this. Some dreams just capture odd little things which make us think. In this case the dream caught this type of feeling "I heard this woman talking on tnhe internet and she was describing something bad which had happened but in a very vague way. That got my mind racing as I imagined all sorts of things."
Example dream : A criminal represented a neighbour who really hated the dreamer (she thought he was as bad as a criminal).
Example dream : A crime in a dream linked to the dreamer writing a historical account about the bombardment of a civilian port (his home town) in World war One. This was seen as a "war crime" at the time. The crime in the dream bore no relationship to the historical account he was writing but it showed that he wanted to emphasise the feeling "that this was a great war crime which outraged people". The dream was a creative dream which seems to have emphasised the main points that the dreamer wanted to put across in writing his history.
Example dream : In one dream a major crime had taken place. In real life the dreamer was due to meet someone he had not met for years due to a major dispute. It seemed likely that everything would be swept under the carpet yet the dreamer and his old friend both probably felt that the other had behaved in a despicable way.
Example dream : A dream with people with guns was linked to the dreamers drinking problem. The guns and crime were a symbol helping to express this thought "my drinking and hard living brings me into contact with all kinds of trouble" (crime being a symbol for trouble)
Example dream : A dreadful family in a dream who are always committing crime could have been linked to a terrorist attack. This was a crime against humanity.
Example dream : A dream with a horrible crime was about the dreamers denial of a problem. This was linked to her own criminal neglect of herself.
Example dream : One man on death row in Texas often dreamt of the crime that put him there. This crime was the defining moment in his life. He was never going to get out of jail and faced a likely death sentence. So often his mind will return to the crime which put him there. He accepted his guilt but was now quite powerless to change anything. Still he focuses on the moment when everything in his life changed.

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