"Crazy" dreams can be triggered by the following types of feelings.

1. SOMEONE HAS SAID SOMETHING UNBELIEVABLE Were you totally shocked by how someone behaved yesterday? Were you totally incredulous at what someone said?
2. YOUR LIFE IS IN CHAOS Where you feeling very desperate yesterday?
3. DISLIKE SOMEBODY Did you really dislike somebody yesterday? Were you annoyed by someone's crazy behaviour?
4. WORRIED ABOUT YOUR OWN MENTAL HEALTH Are you worried about your own mental health? Are you in danger of going crazy?

These dream meanings are based upon real dreams, all of which are mentioned at the bottom of this article.

Being crazy in a dream may represent something you have just done which is irrational. But we also say someone is crazy if they are wild. Have you just lost all your inhibitions? Have you just acted very recklessly? Have you been thinking about a wild fantasy?

Occasionally craziness is a symbol for bad behaviour. So if you have been thinking about someone who has been picking up some bad habits then that could be linked. Maybe you tested someone patience to the limit after behaving badly?


Example dream : The dreamers room mates looking at her like she was nuts linked to them telling her that they would be moving out, meaning that she would have to find somewhere else to live. The dreamer was upset that they had told her in an inconsiderate way. Her flatmates looking at her as if she was crazy linked to this type of thought "My flatmates have messed up my life. I don't know what is going to happen to me. I will probably end up in some awful place." The dream hints at a feeling like "I cannot believe what you have done to me" and the meaning of mad was linked to her life falling into chaos.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is acting crazy took place the day after the dreamer was very ill with flu. Her father had accused her of not really being ill and walked out. Acting crazy in this dream does have relevance in this situation. Her father might have described her as "irresponsible" and "stupid" and could have said things like "What on earth are you doing?" Overall the dream probably caught this exact thought "My father thinks I am stupid and crazy. He doesn't believe I was ill. I was really upset as I was so ill and was in need of support."
Example dream : Feeling hysterical and crazy was linked to the dreamers worries about her unemployment extension. The thought of having no money made the dreamer feel desperate. We translate the symbolic meaning of "crazy" into phrases like "I am frantic with worry" or "I am desperate." The meaning of the dream was simply that the dreamer felt an identical emotion in real life.
Example dream : Warning her father that someone was crazy symbolised the dreamers dislike of her brothers new girlfriend. She had tried to warn her father about her the night before and did not feel her views were being heard.
Example dream : One 12 year old dreamer had a dream of being sent to a mental hospital because she was crazy. In real life it is other people who judge our mental health. If you are 12 years old then there are many other 12 year old self appointed psychiatrists who say that you are either sane or insane. That is part of being 12 years old.
Example dream : Crazy killers in a dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about her boyfriends family. She often disliked them and tried to avoid them. Her boyfriend often dismissed these worries and thought she was exaggerating how bad they were (the crazy killers were a symbol of this exaggeration)
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is trying to run away from a man and his crazy friends. Just prior to this dream she had a nightmare about a creepy smirking man. This dream played out her fears that this was a omen of something bad.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was amongst some seriously derranged people was linked to her worries about her own mental health and fear that she might do something stupid.

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