DREAM DICTIONARY - Countryside :

The countryside can symbolise lots of things. If often links with remoteness. It may suggest someone has been 'cut off' or feels "disconnected" in some way. The countryside often links to freedom and exploration. It captures moments when you have time and energy to explore new feelings and interests.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Was something or someone inaccessible yesterday?
- Do you feel someone is stuck in their ways?
- Are the chances of something happening remote?
- Have you been taking time out to explorer new ideas and thoughts?
KEY WORDS : Remote, inaccessible, unavailable, cut off, exploring, simpler, relaxing and enjoying

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "stuck in my ways"
- "having space and freedom to move"
- "time to explore new ideas"
- "the chances of that happening are remote!"
- "the chances of being caught are remote"
- "I feel cut off"
- "a feeling that something is unavailable or inaccessible"
- "her mind is rather inaccessible"


Example dream : A countryside mansion in a dream was linked to a risk the dreamer took in telling a lie. The countryside is remote and out of the way - catching the belief that the chances of him being found out were remote. The dreams meaning probably featured this theme of "remoteness" and "remote chances" and might have captured a thought process such as "I lied because I could get away with it. The people I spoke to are very unlikely to meet the people who know the truth" (in the same way that people in the countryside often never meet other people).
Example dream : A dream about taking a mouse into the countryside took place when the dreamer had a mouse infestation. The dreamer was wanting to get a humane mouse trap. Taking the mouse into the countryside linked to the dreamer knowing that when he caught it he would have to take it a distance away from his home because mice would return to their home.
Example dream : A countryside town reflected the dreamers dislike as her life was drifting into an increasingly hum drum and provincial existence. She had an urge to travel.
Example dream : A countryside dream linked to the dreamer realising that he was losing touch with all the former co-workers he knew from his former workplace. The countryside symbolised his increasing isolation as he was losing touch with all the people he once knew.
Example dream : The dreamer believed that life would continue on after death. He had been very suicidal and believed that life after death would be a much more positive one. The countryside symbolised this much more pleasant life
Example dream : A dream about the countryside linked to the dreamers son moving back in. She had lived alone for years and had was used to her own way of doing things.
Example dream : A countryside dream linked to the dreamer tending to do things in his own way. He did not like people telling him to do things their way. He was well and truly stuck in his ways.
Example dream : A countryside dream linked to the dreamer fancying a girl. He thought he could impress her but she just laughed and thought it amusing. The countryside was symbolic of something that had a remote chance of happening or perhaps a rather naive thought.
Example dream : A countryside mansion linked to the dreamer trying to cut himself off from a girl on the internet. He found her annoying and was trying to avoid her messages. The countryside was symbolic of internet - something very remote with vast distances between the people on it.
Example dream : A countryside dream linked to the dreamer moving away. She was now starting to realise the consequences of this. She would be cut off from her husband and her family and friends - just like in the countryside.
Example dream : A countryside dream linked to the dreamer wishing for pastures new. He found himself not attracted to his girlfriend any more.

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