DREAM SYMBOL WORD ASSOCIATIONS: "paranoid", "suspicious", "conspiracy","sneaky", "bitter rivalry", "takeover","inability to trust anyone", "delusions"

Read through the list of word asociations above. Try to think of a phrase which captures a key feeling right now and which ALSO uses one of the words in this list. If you can think of anything then its likely that your dreams meaning could link to that issue and indeed the meaning could link to the exact thought that you wrote down. Most dreams link to everyday thoughts that you might write down in a diary such as "He has been very suspicious. I see why but we just need to calm him down".


Example dream : A dream about a famous conspiracy (the Kennedy assassination) seems to have been linked to the dreamer writing a history of the German bombardment of his local town during World War One. What associations can we make which link the dream specifically to this dream about conspiracies? The real life history included several conspiracy theories. It was thought that the head of the Navy had prior knowledge of this attack and simply let it happen because it would be help boost recruitment if an unarmed town was viciously attacked by the Germans. The conspiracy in the dream could link to this thought "In writing my history of the German attack on my home town I want to help bring to life the conspiracy theories." Another association we can make is that the Kennedy assassination (the subject of the dream) was remembered by everyone, it is said that people remembered exactly what they were doing when they found out Kennedy was dead. This has a similarity to the history that the dreamer was writing and might capture this thought "Everyone who was there when the Germans bombarded my home town remembers exactly where they were. They all had their own story to tell."
Example dream : A dream in which people are conspiring together to fake something was linked to the dreamer meeting up with someone who was willing to write her a job reference. The dreamer had got the impression that this person was willing to write down anything and might even let the dreamer her dictate what she wanted. Conspiring in this case might translate into the phrase "willing to lie" or "willing to exaggerate" and the dreams meaning fetaured this theme in the following thought "I get the impression that she will write down anything for my job reference. I think she is totally on my side." What other associations can we make with "conspire?" Conspirators often get together to secretly discuss things. In that context the dream may catch this type of feeling "She has agreed to a special meeting for us to write down this reference. I think its a good sign that she is completely on my side. Therefore I can look forward to this meeting with optimism." Often dreams will link to us trying to work out what people are feeling and this dream seems linked to her trying to wonder what to expect from this special meeting the next day.
Example dream : A dream of conspiracy theories took place as the dreamer was realising that he was suffering from serious alcoholism and might kill himself drinking. The conspiracy theories were a symbol of all the crazy ideas that he used to justify his illness. He felt he was immortal and when he drank he felt he could live forever.

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