DREAM DICTIONARY - Competition :

Competition in a dream may show you have been thinking about how to improve a skill. You might have been thinking about the best way to put across your ideas. You may have been thinking about how to get the best out of yourself.

A competition may show you feel that others maybe better than you. Sometimes its best to be realistic and if you have no chance of success then its best to put your energies into something else.

KEY WORDS : challenging yourself, deciding the best approach, maximise, others want the same things (Try to write down quotes which pinpoint a key feeling at the moment and which also use one of these key words)


Example dream : A contest in a dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about someone - he did not want to appear too dominant within a group. The contest represented his wish not to appear too dominant and competitive. (the king in the dreamm being the ultimate dominant figure). So we can see that the dreams precise meaning involves this theme of "dominance" and "competition" and the dream captures this exact thought "I do not want to appear to dominant and competitive and would rather come across as inclusive and democratic." The dream then was linked to how the dreamer liked to come across to someone he had just met and his thoughts about correcting this person over a minor mistake.
Example dream : A dream involving a life threatening game like Gladiator, was linked to the dreamers problems with her fianc├ęs mother, who was continually causing arguments. How can we connect this life threatening competition to real life? What associations can we make? A competition involves a winner and loser. In real life the arguments were very serious and her future mother in law would simply not accept defeat.
Example dream : A dream about a competitive rivalry between Russia and the USA took place when the dreamer was forming a friendship with a business rival. He realised that however much they tried to be friends their would still be a rivalry between them.
Example dream : A competition dream represented the dreamers thoughts about a man she was attracted towards. She had just realised that other women were drawn to him. She realised that she may easily miss out. So she was realising that it would be difficult to achieve this wish because of the competition she would face.
Example dream : Not seeing other competitors in a beauty pageant symbolised the dreamers realisation that she should challenge herself and believe in herself - if she strive to as best she could she would be succeeding
Example dream : A competition dream took place at a time when the dreamer had been thinking about his best approach to something. He was thinking over the best way to present ideas. He would try out various approaches and the most successful (the one which got the best reaction) would be the one he would choose.
Example dream : A dream about a competition was linked to some thoughts the dreamer had about a letter which stood out for the dreamer the day
Example dream : A competition in a dream linked to the dreamer coming very engrossed in a TV reality show - which had been very competitive and cut throat. The competition in the dream was symbolic of the highly competitive nature of this TV show which had stuck in the dreamers mind.
Example dream : An Olympics competition symbolised the dreamers wish to be recognised for his artwork. He was thinking about how he could get the best out of himself. He concluded that he needed to enjoy his art otherwise he would not do his best
Example dream : A dream with a competition in it seemed to link to the dreamer making a number of bitchy comments the night before with a friend. Together they seemed to be competing with each other to see who could make the bitchiest comment. They were "one upping" each other.

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