Colleges are often difficult symbols to understand. It could be that you are experiencing something which reminds you of college. If you were working night and day on some work project then it taps into life at college when you worked night and day whilst revising for exams.

Think about what comes to mind when you mention college. If you go to college its just a symbol for day to day activity. If you miss college days and the social life then its maybe about that. If you are thinking of starting a college course then it maybe about that. If you are trying to advance your knowledge in some way it maybe a dream about that.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Is college a place where lots of things happen in your life?
- Have you come to a very well thought out opinion on some matter?
- Have you been trying to put across your own expert opinion on some matter?

KEY WORDS : Interesting subject, my college, my opinion, clarifying

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "its really starting to interest me"
- "I think I definitely know what is happening now"
- "I had a good think about it last night "
- "I have my own ideas on this"
- "I feel my opinion is worth listening too"
- "yesterday at college"


Example dream : A dream where the dreamer talks about a Street called New Queens College Street was linked to the dreamers recent interest in alternative history. She had been watching TV programs which argued that the entire course of human history was shaped by aliens from outer space. Dreaming of a 'college' was linked to her enthusiastic studying of this new interest.
Example dream : A college tutor linked to the dreamers night before - he had been looking over his old college projects
Example dream : A college dream was linked to a work project which had been meticulously crafted
Example dream : A dream about a college project was linked to the dreamers thoughts about a long term task at work which was behind schedule.
Example dream : A college dream linked to the serious traumas that the dreamer suffered in college. Just recently she was much healthier and needed to move on from these traumas.
Example dream : A dream of a being a student at college linked to the dreamer getting a letter from his local history society thanking him for all his help. The college was a symbol of all his academic achievement in writing articles and books.
Example dream : A dream about college linked to the dreamers need to tidy up his home. College probably linked to his first experience of living on his own or the tendency of students to live very untidily.
Example dream : College linked to the dreamers thoughts about being unemployed. She was angry that some got jobs with fake CV's and family connections. College represented qualifications and their place in getting jobs.
Example dream : An entrance to a college to the dreamers recent thoughts. He felt he should start a college course
Example dream : A university dream followed on from the dreamer reading a book which was really interesting. It was making him think about his own life.
Example dream : A university professor dream linked to the dreamer thinking about CV's a lot. She was thinking how people easily fake their way into a job whilst she was left unemployed.
Example dream : A dream about a university was linked to the dreamer thinking about why his ideas were not being accepted at work. He felt that others were stuck in the past. When he was trying to engage them he found out he was hitting a brick wall.
Example dream : A university dream was linked to the dreamer thinking long and hard about the best way to cure his life’s illness. He decided that a holiday was the best cure for his situation.
Example dream : A teacher at university dream took place as the dreamer was thinking about his general approach to a work project. So the university was symbolic of him thinking intelligently about the best strategy to these tasks.
Example dream : A dream about her best friend at college linked to the dreamer adjusting back to life. She had just finished college. The college was symbolic of her finding it it difficult to live with her parents after living at college - the dream represented her comparing college to life with her parents.
Example dream : A college dream linked to the dreamer just finishing a research paper at work. He was proud of what he had done.

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