Climbing may help describe how much effort and determination that you have put into something. Think of something that you have really wanted just recently? Your dream could be about that. KEY WORDS : escape problems, avoiding, proving yourself, difficulties, get away, relationship problem, huge health problems, great effort, eagerness

The list of keywords above are words which are known to be associated with the word "climb" and "climbing dreams." Research has shown that people who get climbing dreams are likely to use one or more of these words to describe their feelings. Look through this list and try to think of ways that you might use these words to describe key feelings.


Example dream : Climbing a tree to escape an alligator linked to the dreamer feeling disrespected by a friend. Her friend backed out of a date and went quiet when the dreamer suggested another alternative. Climbing the tree seems to recreate her emotions as she sensed problems with her friend. Climbing in this sense could definitely be translated into the word "escape" or "avoid". To understand the dreams meaning you need to think of a way in which the dreamer might use it to describe her feelings such as "I suggested another time to meet but she went quiet. I was really trying to AVOID any tension. In the end I just wanted to ESCAPE." The time the dreamer spent up the tree hints at this feeling "The worst thing about it was the length of time the awkwardness lasted. I suggested an alternative and she went silent." It was therefore a "The worst thing about it" dream where you pinpoint a key emotion about something.
Example dream : Climbing onto a roof in a dream to escape people linked to the dreamer being very emotional after breaking up with her boyfriend. Climbing in this sense probably symbolised her wish to escape her emotional problems.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer has to climb up a huge steeple was linked to him gaining promotion. He felt he was going to himself as many thought he had not got the job fairly. Climbing could be translated into phrases like "proving himself" and "difficulties." We even use the phrase "climbing the ladder" to describe promotion.
Example dream : Climbing to get away from her manager in a dream linked to the day before when was shocked when someone got fired. The dream caught this feeling "I often try to get away with as much as I can with my boss. I was shocked when he sacked someone. It made me think it could have been me." Climbing can associate with escaping, avoiding and getting away from someone causing you trouble. In this case it hints at her trying to get away from her boss when she has done something wrong. The dream reminded her that if she did break rules then her boss would be just like in the dream, out to get her.
Example dream : Climbing in a dream took place whilst the dreamer was facing difficulties. He had cut himself off from people and was very unhappy. Climbing is a difficult task and so it often appears in dreams when we are facing difficulties.
Example dream : Climbing onto a boat to escape a shark in a dream took place as the dreamer was thinking about the risks of getting involved with a man who she had been dating on the internet. Climbing was a way of escaping in the dream which symbolised her wish to escape from a problem relationship.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers children were climbing eagerly onto a boat linked to the day before when the dreamer had got them involved in tidying up their bedroom. Climbing is a quite physical and energetic thing to do so the dream could hint at their eagerness and energy.
Example dream : Climbing symbolised the great effort the dreamer had shown in getting out of the relationship. (climbing of course involves great efforts)
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer climbs a tree to avoid enemy soldiers took place whilst the dreamer was trying to socialise a wild feral kitten. The dream was looking at life through the eyes of the kitten so when the dreamer climbs a tree to avoid soldiers it represents the kitten trying to avoid being captured and tamed at all costs.
Example dream : Climbing a mountain symbolised the dreamers determination to get healthier despite huge health problems.

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