We often use the expression "it was like climbing a cliff" to express something which has proved very difficult. Perhaps you faced some very difficult situation yesterday? Perhaps you have been dealing with someone very difficult? Maybe you just lack confidence and even the slightest thing seems impossible?

Cliffs can symbolise difficult emotions. Perhaps you have been finding something difficult to talk about? Are you views not wanted? Do you find something difficult to talk about because it might hurt someone to tell them how you really feel? Do you just need to sort out your emotions?

KEY WORDS : Difficult relationship, difficult emotions, lacking confidence, unable, problems, depressed, despondent, difficult task, heights, a view (Try to write down quotes which pinpoint a key feeling at the moment and which also use one of these key words)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "It is a difficult relationship - she is not easy to deal with"
- "I find it difficult to talk about such things because my views are not popular or welcome"
- "I am finding it difficult to express my feelings"
- "It will probably devastate her"
- "he needs to sort out his emotions and feelings"
- "lacking confidence"


Example dream : A dream about a hanging dangerously over a cliff took place as the dreamer was suffering extreme stress and had a deadline to meet or he would be in "deep trouble".
Example dream : In one dream a wedding ceremony takes place on a cliff. The bride was the dreamers husbands ex girlfriend who was a complete sociopath intent on making the dreamers life a misery. The cliff hints at words like "impossible" and "risky". We might extend that into "an impossible and risky wedding" and "If she got married it would be an impossible marriage." The dream reminds me of the phrase "living life on the edge" and in this case "anyone who married her would be living life on the edge."
Example dream : A falling off a cliff dream took place whilst the dreamer was training to be in the Territorial Army. The cliff represented his ability to handle dangerous situations. Falling off the cliff linked to him overcoming his fears and learning not to panic whilst under fire.
Example dream : getting to the top of a cliff and onto high ground symbolised the dreamers wish to recover his health and also the huge and difficult task this was proving to be
Example dream : A dream of being stuck on a cliff was linked to the dreamers realisation that he was stuck with an illness. Recently he thought he might be cured of arthritis but now he was accepting that this was going to get worse. The cliff was symbolic of the hard times ahead.
Example dream : A standing on the edge of a cliff dream took place when the dreamers friend was feeling suicidal. We often say "I am on the edge of a precipice" meaning you are on the brink of doing something desperate.
Example dream : In one dream lots of rough tough looking lads were on a council estate on a steep cliff. In real life the dreamer had been thinking how many more rough and toughing looking lads were walking about. This was just a random day but this did stick in the dreamers mind and he felt intimidated. But what does the steep cliff symbolise? Perhaps the steep cliff linked to him feeling "on the edge" and "intimidated."
Example dream : A huge cliff in a dream linked to the dreamers low confidence since he broke up with his girlfriend. Everything now seemed impossible. He was falling to pieces. He felt like he was hanging over a precipe. He was on the edge of a breakdown.
Example dream : A steep looking cliff dream took place as the dreamers mental health was descending. The steep cliff could be translated into "difficult challenges" and this theme featured in the following thought "My mental health problems are getting worse. I feel like everything is an impossible challenge." People often use phrases like "I feel like I have a mountain to climb" to express a thought like "I simply cannot do that"
Example dream : A dream on wooded cliffs on my way down to the beach linked to the dreamer linked to the people around him ignoring the facts. He saw what the truth was but he was unable to express his opinions because his views were not popular.
Example dream : A dream on the cliff tops with a soccer player who was going through a bad patch linked to the dreamer experiencing hard times. He had not been very well recently and felt especially disenchanted and lacking confidence in his own abilities.
Example dream : A dream on the cliff tops avoiding people linked to the dreamer not being very well. He was experiencing problems with his confidence.
Example dream : A dream on cliff tops waving at her boyfriend as he blows kisses to her was linked to them breaking up for a while. This was just a temporary split to allow him to sort out his emotions. The cliffs symbolised the difficult times in their relationship.
Example dream : A dream where a woman jumps off a cliff linked to the dreamer thinking about her neighbour the night before. The dreamer had not seen his neighbours sister for a very long time and wondered if she had died. The dreamer thought about how this would impact his neighbour - and concluded that she would be devastated and even suicidal.
Example dream : A dream about falling off cliffs into the sea was triggered by the dreamer hanging out of bed (like he was hanging off a cliff).

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