Often Children in a dream is your minds way of expressing enthusiam in some way. Try to think what that could mean in terms of recent thoughts? Have you been inspired and enthused by someone or something? Were you happily occupied doing something yesterday? Are you trying to appeal to someones enthusiasm? Have you been trying to make something as interesting as possible?

Children in a dream may also represent child like behaviour. How has that featured in your thinking just recently? Has someone just behaved in a very immature way? Who do you know that reminds you of a child? Are you quite child like? Has someone shown their maternal side to you?

KEY WORDS : treated like a child, enthusiasm, interesting, immature, your children, innocent victim, fresh, maternal, tantrum, innocent, vulnerable


Example dream : Children with the dreamer linked to an incident the day before when the dreamer felt treated like a child. The dreams meaning dealt with this theme of being "treated like a child" and captured this exact thought "I was treated like a child by my driving instructor. It was an especially aggravating and stressful day." Dreams will often repeat key emotions from the day before.
Example dream : Some children in a dream linked to the dreamer trying to help someone out who was suffering from pain. The children symbolised his enthusiasm in wanting to help him. (enthusiasm is a quality we link to children)
Example dream : A dream about a teacher showing a child how to behave was linked to a situation the day before. The dreamer had a tendency to give in to an autistic person but a friend said that this was not the right way to act - their friend behaved in a very child like way and needed to sometimes be treated like a child for his own good.
Example dream : Children being tortured in a dream linked to the dreamer watching a TV documentary about gangs the night before. The children symbolised the effect this violence had on innocent people (children are always innocent - they never deserve to be tortured). The dreams meaning featured this theme of "the innocent" and hints at this wider thought process "I was shocked and emotionally touched by how violent these Mexican gangs are. I watched this TV documentary last night and its awful to see innocent people have their lives ruined."
Example dream : A dream of children being raped took place the day after the dreamer had been completely humiliated by her boyfriend who made her jump up for a hat. The children probably tap into these types of feelings "I did nothing to deserve this" or "I was completely innocent" or "I was completely helpless." Dreams will often use children to express "innocence" as they are always innocent and never deserve to be treated in such terrible ways. So the symbolism of "children" translates into words like "innocent" and "helpless" and the wider dream captures this thought "I did nothing to deserve that! He totally humiliated me and I think everyone will know what he did and they will be laughing at me."
Example dream : Children in a dream linked to the dreamers female friend who was a very maternal kind of person. She had been helping him with some problems. The children represented the way that she was helping the dreamer - he was quite child like and in need of help and support.
Example dream : A dream with children learning took place as the dreamer was trying to think of ways to put across ideas in an interesting and enthusiastic way.
Example dream : Children in one dream represented the need to keep some ideas fresh. The dreamer was trying to put across some ideas and did not want his delivery to become stale.
Example dream : Children playing symbolised the dreamers thoughts about her son who had just moved back in. It was a reminder of the past when children ran freely through the house and the life he would bring back in to the house
Example dream : Playing with children symbolised the dreamers better day. He found something interesting to do after having a bad day the day before. (he had shown child like enthusiasm with this new interest)
Example dream : Dreaming of children playing symbolised the thoughts a story on the radio had just affected him. Children playing symbolised the need to impress people by appealing to their enthusiasms and something which was clearly a good cause
Example dream : Children being raped in a dream linked to the dreamers negative world view. She saw nothing but pain in the world. Normally children are a symbol of hope and the future but in this negative dream they are symbols of lack of hope and belief in the future. Overall the dreams meaning pivoted on this theme of "lack of hope" and dream analysis shows it was triggered by a thought like "I have been feeling very negative about the world recently. I have no hope and believe that people are only capable of pain." A dream where the most vulnerable and innocent (children) are being tortured and raped is an excellent metaphor for these feelings.

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