A child is highly vulnerable and needs guidance. How do such themes feature in your own thinking right now? Are you very vulnerable and do you need help from someone? Do you wish that someone would help you like adults help and guide children? How were you childlike yesterday? Did you think of someone and compare them to a child for some naievty or vulnerability.


Example dream : A dream where a child has been kidnapped took place the day after the dreamer bumped into someone who he felt an unbelievable sense of betrayal. He felt as if an unspeakable crime had been committed against him, similar to a crime against an innocent child.
Example dream : A dream about a teacher showing a child how to behave was linked to a situation the day before. The dreamer had a tendency to give in to an autistic person but a friend said that this was not the right way to act - their friend behaved in a very child like way and needed to sometimes be treated like a child for his own good.
Example dream : A dream about a little girl abused as a child took place whilst the dreamer was having problems with a female friend. He was ignoring her in a callous way. The child was a symbol of her complete innocence, she was blameless and did not deserve this (children are the ultimate undeserving victim).
Example dream : A dream about a child symbolised the dreamer himself as he was very vulnerable and child like emotionally
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is sexually attracted to a child took place the day after the dreamer had been attracted to a 17 year old girl on TV. He felt guilty because she was quite innocent. The child in the dream was much younger than this girl he was attracted to in real life. This was linked to his guilt making the real guilty attraction seem worse.
Example dream : Seeing a little boy alone was symbolic of the dreamers job. She was a social worker and often felt guilt about not doing enough for young children on her case load. To see a child in neglect represented her fear of failure.
Example dream : A child in a dream linked to the dreamer thinking about having a Ouija board. The child in the dream symbolised the dreamer messing around with things that he did not understand and which were possibly dangerous (a child's tendency to get into trouble).
Example dream : A dream about a vulnerable young teenager took place whilst the dreamer was suffering from extreme alcohol problems. The vulnerable child in the dream was a symbol for his own childlike vulnerability, he was unable to cope with life.
Example dream : A child playing with a violin was symbolic of the dreamer having fun and enjoying himself (children have fun).
Example dream : A child in a dream linked to rumours that had been circulating that the dreamer was harassing a woman. The child was the symbol of the innocent victim (the woman) which people wanted to protect.
Example dream : A child being kidnapped was symbolic of the dreamers realisation that he had problems. He recognised that he could be cruel and obsessive towards women. Kidnapping a child was symbolic of their innocence and vulnerability. He was characterising them as the victim rather blaming them. Dreams will often use children to portray feelings involving creulty as a child victim is always innocent and blameless. Its the dream minds of saying "these women I am abusive to are totally innocent and blameless."
Example dream : The child in the dream symbolised the dreamers belief that a female friend was looking after him - she was showing strong maternal feelings (he could be quite child like and needed looking after).

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