Contrary to popular beliefs dreams will not reveal hidden feelings that you are not aware of. So a dream of your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating will link to the feelings of insecurity that you are all too aware of. This insecurity maybe caused by your own lack of confidence or inability to trust. It may link to a previous boyfriend who cheated on you and your fear that the same happens again. On the other hand if your boyfriend/girlfriend has been flirting with someone else and has a history of cheating then you obviously are wondering if they will do the same again. Once your trust has been broken its difficult to go back.

- "ashamed of yourself"
- "paranoia's"
- "expecting the worst"
- "trust issues"
- "suspecting"


Example dream : Her husband cheating on her in front of her symbolised the huge mood the dreamer got into at work. She could not get this out of her mind.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer dreamt of her boyfriend was linked to her real life insecurities and jealousies. She expected her boyfriend to cheat her dreams just relived these insecurities.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers boyfriend cheating on her was caused by him cheating in real life. If a boyfriend once cheats it takes a lot to build up trust again. The dream reminded her that "if he has cheated once then he can cheat again".
Example dream : A dream were the dreamer cheats on her boyfriend was linked to her feelings. She really valued her present boyfriend after a previous partner who had abused her. So a dream of cheating on him horrified her. The dream helped bring out the emotions that she felt about him. In reality this was something that she would never do. Cheating on him in a dream helped reinforce her wish to please him and her determination not to undermine the relationship.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer cheats on her boyfriend. This had never happened in real life but she was had cheated on several previous boyfriends. The dream probably linked to her past history of cheating. Maybe she was comparing and contrasting her experience with her present boyfriend with her previous boyfriends. The dream could be connected with questions like "why did I cheat on them?" or "I have got to stop cheating on boyfriends."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is cheating on her boyfriend. In real life this turns the tables as he had cheated on her just weeks before by kissing another girl on the lips. Sometimes she was very angry with him and in cheating she would get revenge.
Example dream : A dream about your girlfriend cheating happened whilst the dreamer was thinking about his own cheating.
Example dream : A dream of her boyfriend cheating was triggered when she found out he had been lying. This made the dreamer feel suspicious and she suspected the worst - that he was cheating.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers husband cheating was symbolic of her paranoias about him cheating on her.
Example dream : A dream of her boyfriend cheating on her was linked to insecurities. The dreamer had been cheated on before by a previous boyfriend and so once you have trusted someone only to be let down, you are constantly aware that the same thing could happen. This was made worse because the dreamer was in a long distance relationship and had not seen him in person for over two years. This put a lot of stress on the relationship.
Example dream : Cheating in an exam in a dream linked to the dreamer realising that his new method of writing his reports was cutting corners. He worried that this was a reduction in standards.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is cheated on by her boyfriend linked to her insecurities surrounding the relationship. She had been in an on and off relationship for two years. She was probably thinking "when will he leave me again".
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers partner cheating may link to her being six months pregnant. She may hao a ve worried that her boyfriend may seek sex elsewhere whilst she was unable to have sex due to pregnancy. Maybe the dream took the dreamer to a place which shocked her. The dream may help her prevent such a shocking event taking place. The dream may simply be adding fuel to an irrational fear.
Example dream : Allowing some people to cheat symbolised the dreamers real life recognition that he was letting some people get away with breaking the rules. The previous night he had been thinking how he had been applying the rules to some but not to others. He liked to think of himself as honest and full of integrity but now he was realising that he did not meet those high standards. The dream caught this exact feeling "I like to think of myself as being fair yet I let people get away with breaking rules."

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