A common cause of celebrity dreams is that someone has made you feel quite important (like a celebrity). A celebrity in a dream maybe linked to that particular person. You may behave in a similar way to them - have a similar laugh or similar way of talking. For instance, if you had a dream about Jim Carey it maybe a dream about your wish to be like him - using similar expressions or jokes.

Celebrities can also be a symbol for how someone has made you feel more important and special. They maybe encouraging you and making you feel talented. Your dream could be about you recognising and valuing this encouragement. Have you just realised how important someone is to you? Do you always try to make them feel special? Do other people treat someone like they were famous?


Example dream : The celebrity in one dream linked to the dreamers feelings about a project - her teacher made her feel talented and important
Example dream : A dream where a celebrity feels he is important linked to the dreamer thinking he was important and essential for his company and was astonished when he lost his job. So clearly the "celebrity" in the dream could translate symbolically into words like "I thought I was so important" or "I was their star employee. I cannot believe that they sacked me." Overall the dream probably hints at this type of feeling "I cannot believe that they sacked me. I have an amazing talent and they should see me as their star employee. I am simply shocked!" So the dream, like many dreams, was showing that the dreamer was trying to make sense of this shocking and irrational decision.
Example dream : A dream with a celebrity was symbolic of the dreamers annoyance at her boyfriends out of control ego. He felt like he was important and would become a famous model.
Example dream : A famous person in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling very paranoiac. He was also very eccentric and stood out for the wrong reasons. He felt that people were always watching him (just like a famous person).
Example dream : A famous person in a dream linked to the dreamers terrible illness at the time. He had been struck down by massive health problems but was determined to fight back. The rock star was a symbol of his own special character and personal strengths - he was determined to put up a bold struggle - he was not going to take this illness lying down.
Example dream : A celebrity in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling pressure from his teacher who often spoke of his extraordinary talent. The celebrity represented his teacher making him feel special.
Example dream : Being treated like a celebrity in a dream linked to a phone call that had stuck in the dreamers mind from the day before. She phoned someone up who greeted her like an old friend. The celebrity was a symbol of the this caller making the dreamer feel important.
Example dream : The dreamer was a big admirer of a woman at work. He thought of her in the way he would think of a famous film star. He was a bit awestruck by her and was nervous in her presence.

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