Try to think how you would feel if you were captured. You would be perhaps very stressed. The people capturing you would be manipulative and ruthless. Try to see how such themes are relevant in your mind right. How is manipulation or ruthlessness a feature?

KEY WORDS : continual stress, manipulated, ruthless, hold onto, prolong, pressured into, cornered, dominated, controlled, domesticated, tamed (Try to write down quotes which pinpoint a key feeling at the moment and which also use one of these key words)


Example dream : Being captured in a dream was symbolic of the dreamer feeling very stressed out the day before. Being captured signified how this stress was getting to the dreamer - she felt overwhelmed. she had been pushed around by her driving instructor. The dream therefore dealt with this theme of "being pushed around" and caught this exact feeling "I had a really aggravating and stressful day yesterday. My driving instructor was especially pushy and dominating."
Example dream : Getting captured in a dream linked to an incident the day before. She was wound upm by an annoying boy and she was unable to calm down all day. She went to sleep wishing to seek revenge. In the dream she is captured and taken to the School Principle. Feeling captured was symbolic of her realising that she could be caught out if she tried to seek revenge.
Example dream : Being captured in a dream linked to the dreamer watching a TV documentary about gangs. Capturing symbolised the gangs use of force - they manipulated people and ruthlessly suppressed opposition.
Example dream : Capturing a ghost represented the dreamers wish to hold on to and make the most of a strong connection which he had forged with a girl. It perhaps linked to his wish to understand this strong connection.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is about to be taken prisoner took place whilst the dreamer was trying to tame some feral kittens. The dream put himself into the position of the wild animals as he fights to the death rather than giving in. Refusing to be imprisoned was a symbol of the feral cats wild instincts and refusal to be trapped and tamed by the dreamer.
Example dream : Getting captured during a dream linked to an incident the day before when the dreamer agreed to do something he did not want to do.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is constantly trying to escape from a man trying to capture her. Just prior to this dream she had a nightmare about a creepy man. This made the dreamer fear this was a premonition. This dream played out those fears that something bad would happen (like a man trying to capture her).
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is being chased and captured linked to her being seriously ill with depression. She feared losing control of her life if she was taken into psychiatric hospital. Being captured could be translated into the words "losing control" and "decisions being imposed upon me" and we can see how this dream caught this exact thought "I am seriously depressed and really need hospital treatment. But I hate losing control of my life and worry I will have decisions imposed upon me."

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