Was somebodies 'calm' reaction noted yesterday or was calmness relevant in some way? Was someone calmly telling you something that made you want to scream? Did you calmly discuss something which was quite difficult to talk about? Do you need to calm down after a difficult argument yesterday? Do you need to calmly think through a problem which has been making you really stressed? Are you needing to react rationally to solve a problem? Have you been thinking how settled things are right now yet you worry that someone cannot handle things if they got difficult?

Was yesterday an exceptionally calming day? Dreams can just capture strong emotional moods and if you were exceptionally settled and happy then the dream could just mirror those feelings.


Example dream : A room mate remaining calm whilst the dreamer was screaming linked to the dreamer getting annoyed at being told that she had two months to move out. Her room mate had somewhere to go and so she was calm as in the dream. The dreamers situation was in complete chaos though - hence she was screaming in the dream. Her room mate was so calm in the dream - hinting at the dreamers resentment that her room mate had sent the dreamers life into chaos whilst she seemed to have come out of this so happy and content.
Example dream : A bear sitting calmly waiting linked to the dreamers nephew who was ill in hospital with no chance of survival. The bear was waiting calmly because of this awkward period waiting for the life support machine to be turned off. This was the awkward calm before the terrible day to come.
Example dream : The dreamer remained calm during a dream where a snake came close to her. This dream followed on a night when she had her first sexual experience with a new boyfriend that she met on holiday. Remaining calm during the dream linked to this type of feeling "I felt awkward and nervous having sex with him but I should stay calm and trust him."
Example dream : A dream with calm water reflected the fact that life was fairly settled right now for the dreamer.
Example dream : Feeling calm with a snake about symbolised the dreamers chat with his wife the night before. They had been calmly discussing his infidelities the night before - it was quite strange that they had been discussing such a difficult subject so calmly. Dreams will focus on feelings like this "it was strange that we were so calmly discussing this dificult issue."
Example dream : Someone was calm in her dream when she was frantic. This symbolised the dreamers wish for a problem to be sorted out which was bothering her but not her boyfriend
Example dream : Feeling happy and calm in a dream reflected the dreamers mood on waking as he woke up feeling elated. Some dreams simply mirror strong moods in real life and if you wake up with a good or bad mood then the symbols of your dream will express those feelings.
Example dream : A feeling of calm in a dream linked to the feelings of calm when the dreamer woke up. The dream simply mirrored real life and those strong feelings on waking. The dream simply meant "I woke up feeling calm." Dreams can capture these strong emotions as they emerge.
Example dream : Feeling calm represented the dreamers good emotions and memories - he had just written a blog about his childhood.
Example dream : A dream in which there is a real sense of calm was linked to the dreamers wish to slow down in life and live a happier and more balanced lifestyle.
Example dream : Feeling calm after some people chanting had gone was linked to the dreamer coming to terms with her Aunts death. She had begun to accept her passing.
Example dream : Calm in a dream followed by rain linked to the dreamers husband having tests. The calm symbolised the settled state of their life - which could easily be disturbed of the medical tests revealed bad results.

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