Bridges often symbolise some crucial moment. If some decisive and crucial moment took place yesterday then the dream is about your emotions about that. If you have been thinking of some crucial decision that you need to make then the dream could represent that. It maybe that you cannot make some crucial change to your life.

Bridges can also represent changes in your general situation. Crossing over usually represents a new and better phase of your life.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Are you wanting to sort out some problems?
- Is life about to change?
- Are you scared to move forward with something?
- Is this a crucial moment of your life?

KEY WORDS : Moving, compromising, changing , trying , crucial moment

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "scared to move forward"
- "Its pointless trying any more"
- "I just need to decide"
- "I know that at crucial movements I find it difficult"
- "we are at a point of no return"
- "moving in a direction which involves difficult emotions"
- "a need to break away"
- "The two sides are starting to sort out their differences"
- "he does not want to sort the problems out"
- "we are compromising"


Example dream : A bridge symbolised a crucial and difficult moment in the dreamers relationship with his wife as she had asked him (out of the blue) about his infidelities the year before
Example dream : A bridge could symbolise a crucial moment in a situation. The dreamer was thinking about just how badly something could go wrong if she said something so she was aware she had to avoid this. So we could literally translate the symbolic meaning of "bridge" into "a crucial moment" and its easy to see how this featured in the dreamers thoughts "Its a crucial moment and I have to keep reminding myself not to say anything."
Example dream : A dream where a boyfriend comes across a bridge and hugs the dreamer linked to the night before - the dreamer felt truly understood by her mother in law as they had a nice cozy dinner together. The boyfriend symbolised the way things should be - the way her mother in law agreed her son should act. The bridge symbolised the changes that needed to be made to make the relationship work and the acceptance that change was needed.
Example dream : A bridge symbolised a crucial time coming up in the dreamers life. She knew she would have to change yet she lacked the courage to set up her own business. Her inability to cross the bridge in the dream mirrored her fears in real life. We could translate the "bridge" in the dream into phrases like "a new phase" or "a transition". This theme of a "a new phase" featured as a key intuition in the following way "I need to set up a new business but I am lacking confidence and its too much of a change for me to make"
Example dream : A bridge symbolised a crucial moment in the dreamers life. He had the opportunity to move forward with his life but he lacked confidence. Bridges connect together to pieces of land and one side could represent a past phase in your life and the other side could represent the future. This steep bridge and high gorge hingted at his inablity to make the transition.
Example dream : A dream about a makeshift bridge was linked to the dreamers thoughts about some friends. The dreamer felt she was growing apart from them. However, she knew she had to think about the decision carefully because once she had made the decision to split from them it would be difficult to go back. She did not want to 'burn her bridges'.
Example dream : A bridge dream took place at a crucial time for the dreamer - there were rumours that he was going to be "retired" at work. We could translate the symbolic meaning of "bridge" into phrases like "a new phase" and this had obvious relevance to the dreamer if he faced retirement. The meaning of the dream likely links to ways in which the dreamer might use this such as "There are rumours I am to be forced to retire at work. It shocked me to think about this possible new phase in my life."
Example dream : Standing on a bridge linked to the dreamer having had lots of emotional problems. Standing on the bridge in the dream represented his recent mood and willingness to tackle these difficult issues. A bridge is similar to a crossroads in that its an obvious metaphor for a "junction" in your life. Here the "bridge" could be translated simply into the word "junction" and understanding the dream links to how you might use this word (in this case it featured in this thought process "I am at a junction in my life. I have had lots of emotional issues and now I have to decide how to move forward")
Example dream : A dream about a bridge which did not extend the whole way across took place the day after the dreamer had just had a major panic attack. In the dream he had to jump across the gap which was difficult because he suffered from heights. The broken bridge was a symbol for his paranoia's and panic attacks.
Example dream : A bridge of rocks over a river linked to the dreamer wanting to break away from a group of friends because they drained his energy and he was deciding to concentrate on others things.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was crossing a long bridge linked to him starting to deal with some difficult emotional issues. The long bridge symbolised the difficulty in making these changes.
Example dream : A bridge dream linked to the dreamer hating her life with her husband. He wanted her to move to another country. She did not wanting to stay in the house all the time on her own. The dream symbolised her reaching the point of no return and needing to make a decision before it was too late.
Example dream : A bridge dream linked to the dreamer wanting to give up trying to get along with some people. She felt it was pointless trying.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer loses balance while crossing a bridge linked to his lack of confidence at crucial moments.
Example dream : A dream joining together two bridges linked to the dreamer not been able to get along with her family. She was trying to heal the wounds and had agreed to meet with her sister to sort out the differences.
Example dream : Jumping over broken bridges in a dream linked to the dreamer being unable to sort out differences with her boyfriend and their inability to compromise.

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