Dreams about your boyfriend will often show that you have just been thinking about him. Boyfriends are not often symbols for something else - they are pretty straightforward. Your dream will probably be a symbolic version of some new thoughts. Write down a simple quote expressing your main feelings towards your boyfriend right now and your dream will probably represent those thoughts. Dreams about your boyfriend will take place at crucial moments in your relationship. They can hint at you coming to some fresh conclusion about the relationship. The dream may simply link to you trying to read their body language. All the time we are also assessing our boyfriend and wondering if they pass the test, are they a good boyfriend or a bad boyfriend? Are you suited as a couple or not.

Most dreams about your boyfriend will not be very helpful. They simply tell you that you have been thinking about them. You already know that as you think about your boyfriend all the time. Any message from a dream will already be something that you are aware of. Most dreams will translate into your feelings right now. But you know your feelings already. It is interesting to see how dream symbols translate into feelings. But ultimately do not worry too much about boyfriend dreams.

Some people say that dreams occur just before something big happens. There does seem to be some evidence that that does happen. So a dream may indicate something might be happen soon. This maybe because we have a psychic link with that person.


Example dream : A dream about the dreamers boyfriend linked to her insecurities and jealousies. She did not feel secure in her relationship and so her mind continually played out a worst possible scenario.
Example dream : A dream about her boyfriend dying occurred just after she had said that she wished he was dead. The dream linked to her need to apololize to him.
Example dream : A dream about her boyfriend cheating on her was caused by her knowing he had already cheated on her. She was needing to build up her trust of him. So the dream revolved around this theme of "I was thinking about my boyfriend" and overall the dream caught this exact feeling "I was thinking about my boyfriend and whether I can trust him. But I often think if he has lied and cheated before then he can do it again."
Example dream : Driving in a car with her boyfriend driving linked to the dreamers relationship with her boyfriend.
Example dream : A dream about her boyfriend followed on from a night of emotional turmoil showing her insecurities about the relationship.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer cannot wait to dump her boyfriend linked to her less than perfect boyfriend who she wanted to dump at the first opportunity. The dream was basically about her thoughts about the state of their relationship.
Example dream : A dream of her boyfriend being killed was linked to their recent argument. She had not been talking to him but had now realised how much she missed him. By seeing him die she was starting to appreciate how much she felt about him.
Example dream : A dream about a man the dreamer had started a relationship with linked to her wondering about this crucial period in her relationship. She was very upset after the recent death of her father and she did not want to appear too needy at this crucial moment in the relationship.
Example dream : A dream of her boyfriend cheating was triggered when she found out he had been lying. This made the dreamer feel suspicious and she suspected the worst - that he was cheating.
Example dream : A dream about her ex boyfriend took place the night after they broke up. It was symbolic of her most recent thoughts about the relationship. She was focusing on and having to accept that he did not want the relationship to continue.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers boyfriend took place immediately after she had been wondering how much she loved him. The very positive dream probably just caught her current feelings towards him.
Example dream : One dreamer never had good dreams about her boyfriend. This was probably down to her insecurities about men because her previous boyfriend had cheated on her. Her relationship was also stressed because it was a long distance relationship and they had not seen each other for over two years.
Example dream : A dream about your boyfriend followed on from some severe problems and represented a wish to break up with him
Example dream : Having a tumour whilst her boyfriend was doing nothing to help was symbolic of the dreamers doubts about her boyfriends sincerity
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers boyfriend takes out someone else for an expensive meal was symbolic of the dreamers dissatisfaction because her boyfriend had not done anything for Valentines day.
Example dream : A dream about her boyfriend took place as they were having major problems.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers boyfriend was linked to her huge arguments with him
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer feels her boyfriend is not helping her when she was not coping took place whilst she was feeling overwhelmed with having a new flat. The reason for the dreamer feeling overwhelmed was different but the result was the same, a boyfriend not willing to help.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is visiting a pretty girl and his boyfriend is there. In real life he had been having some fantasies about a girl he did not even know. The dream reminded him that she might have a boyfriend.

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