Fault and blame may appear in a dream when the dreamer has been thinking about why something happened. Sometimes we feel at fault when in fact nothing could be done. We do like to get things clearer in our minds and see if something bad could have been prevented.

Fault may also appear in dreams if something went wrong the day before. Perhaps you were waiting for too long? Perhaps you did not like the way people spoke to you? Either way the dream just captures your unhappiness at the way things went and a belief that something was wrong.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Has someone tried to make you take the blame unjustly for something?
- Do you wish you could have prevented something?
- Have you been trying to work out exactly what happened?

KEY WORDS : Unfair, preventable, knowing why it happened, clarify

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "Its not fair that they blame me for that"
- "Its not how it happened!"
- "I wonder if I could have prevented it in anyway? Is it me?"
- "I think I know precisely what has been going wrong and how I can improve matters "
- "I think things are clearer in my mind now"


Example dream : In one dream a woman thinks that she is being blamed. In real life the dreamer had been thinking about a different woman who always felt that she was being blamed because she suffered from paranoia.
Example dream : The dreamer had recently fallen out with a friend who had lent money and not paid it back or even tried to explain it. The dreamer had not gone around telling people why he had fallen out with this friend so it may have seemed strange. The dream explores the feelings of guilt and blame linked to this falling out. The dream seems to capture this exact thought "It's not my fault. I lent him money and he has since not paid it back or tried to explain it. I do not like to hang around with such people. Lending money and not paying it back is stealing."
Example dream : In one dream everyone is blaming each other. In real life the dreamer was due to meet someone for the first time in years after a dispute. It seemed likely that this issue was now to be swept under the carpet but still it was still believed that they both blamed each other for the falling out.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer gets blamed even though she did not do it linked to the dreamer feeling blamed for her grandfathers death even though he died of cancer. She felt unjustly blamed.
Example dream : A dream where its their own fault for not protecting their property linked to the dreamer feeling unjustly accused of stealing money from her brother. In reality he had lent her the money.
Example dream : A dream where its all the fault of the Government linked to the dreamer having to spend a long time in Government offices. Filling in forms took so much time - it was such a waste of energy. The dreamer felt that there was a fundamental problem with the system it wasn't just a random bad day.
Example dream : A dream where power loss is somehow the fault or responsibility of the dreamer linked to the dreamer having a really bad time. He was heading for divorce and could lose his job soon and he was worried if it was something he was doing that was giving him such bad luck.
Example dream : A dream where its the fault of his sister linked to the dreamer thinking through his teaching methods. He wanted to allow his students to think for themselves and have confidence in their own abilities. Fault symbolised him trying to work out what was wrong with his explanations and trying to improve his expression.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer says 'this wasn't all my fault' linked to her splitting up with her boyfriend. Once separated she felt a lot happier and didn't want to go back to him.

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