Dreams where you have been "bitten" maybe triggered by any of the following feelings.

1. ACCUSED Has someone made an accusation or complaint about you? Was someone extremely critical of you yesterday?
2. RUTHLESS PEOPLE Are you having to face danger? Do you know some dodgy or dangerous people? If so your dream is about fearing the worst.
3. DREADING Are you dreading meeting smeone tomorrow?
5. BREAK UP ARe you fearing that your relationship might break up?
6. CHEATING Has your boyfriend/girtlfriend been cheating on you? Are you wary of hearing the same old promises?
7. PARANOIAS If you tend to think the worst then your dream may show that you are paranoid. The dream merely brings to life a fear which is very real to you, which may have no basis in reality.
The meaning given here are based upon real dreams - all of which are listed at the bottom of this page.

Dreams of bites can be symbolic of bad things that can happen or has just happened. Have you been thinking about something that could turn out for the worst? Are you wanting to end a relationship but fear all the hassle? What are you not wanting to get bitten by?

Biting also is symbolic of very personal and involved problems with other people. Have you been subjected to some critical comments? Is there a really bad atmosphere where you work? Did someone really lose their temper yesterday? Has someone been making sly comments and been destroying your reputation? Did you bump into someone who brought back some bad memories? Have you been thinking about how badly your boyfriend has treated you and about his cheating?

Biting is highly linked to relationship problems. Dreams can be caused by any problems or doubts with relationships. Have you been having some doubts about your boyfriend? Does he show a total lack of respect?

Biting can also link to vulnerability. A bite could symbolise a real moment of fear and weakness from yesterday.

Bites could also be symbolic of problems happening to others. Have you been thinking about the real weakness, vulnerability or relationship problems of someone else?

Bites are also symbols of wildness. Are you involved with people who regularly act and think in wild ways?

Think of any other links of course. Was someone bitten or scratched the day before?


Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was bitten by a crocodile. In real life the dreamer was autistic and hated meeting new people. The previous day he was petrified when he had to meet someone new. The crocodile bite was symbolic of this huge fear of meeting new people (it was as bad as a fear of a crocodiles bite).
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was bitten by a crocodile. In real life the dreamer was autistic and hated meeting new people. The previous day he was petrified when he had to meet someone new. The crocodile bite was symbolic of this huge fear of meeting new people (it was as bad as a fear of a crocodiles bite).
Example dream : A dream about a snarling fox took place as the dreamer was worried sick about losing his home. The snarling and biting fox was a symbol of the anger of his landlords when they would see the state of his flat.
Example dream : A snake bite dream symbolised some very nasty (biting) comments made to the dreamer the day before. The two women were whispering very close to him which made the situation very volatile. The dreams menaing then linked to this theme of "nasty coments" and probably captured this exact emotion "I was sure she was making comments about me. The worst thing about it was that she was so close I could almost hear her whispers."
Example dream : A rapist biting his victim represented a series of sly nasty comments made to the dreamer by her sister in law. Biting is often just dream speak for "biting comments" or "hurtful behaviour".
Example dream : A dream with two white sharks fighting linked to an incident the day before. The dreamer had been playfully trying to pit each other against each other. The dreamer linked sharks to "treacherous friends" which had relevance to this situation the day before. Often when we play fight there is a line that we do not cross. Often its our friends who will insult us the most. We will take insults from friends because we trust them. Also a friend will tell you the truth such as that you have bad breath because they are your friends and this is something that you should know. But insulting and causing trouble with your friends is fraught with danger. Also if someone attempts to behave like this saying insulting things in a playful way then it can often show that you are becoming friends. You feel that you are close enough to engage in this edgey type of humour. Its difficult to say what this dream means exactly but it seems that sharks biting were a symbol for fighting but in this type of sense "I tried to set one friend off against another. It was all done playfully though."
Example dream : A shark biting dream represented the potential emotional problems involved with embarking on a relationship with someone she had met on the internet. The meaning of any dream symbol is not in itself but rather in the emotions and situations that we associate with it. Therefore a shark bite is not usually a literal symbol as few people come close enough to sharks to fear them. A shark bite is often something "devastating" and so the dream maybe the dream minds way of saying "devastating". This is our main association with this symbol. In this dream it does seem to be the minds way of saying "that could be devastating" as the dreamer was thinking how risky it was to get involved with someone on the internet. Dreams will often link to us assessing risks and dangers like. So by using simple dream analysis techniques we might see that a shark bite portrays this prominent feeling "I don't need this new relationship. It's bound to fail. I have had enough heartbreak and this guy is coming out with the same old empty promises that my ex made."
Example dream : A snake bite symbolised the real feelings of vulnerability the dreamer felt as she engaged in an intellectual debate. Often "biting dreams" will link to negative "biting" comments in some way. This theme seems relevant here as well as the dreamer had been engaged in some intellectual debates and did not know what to say. She could not rebuff critical comments. We could therefore summarize the dream into quotes like "that was very critical", "that was a biting comment" and even "The truth hurts".
Example dream : A snake bite symbolised the dreamers boyfriend who reacted badly when she wanted to end the relationship.
Example dream : Being bitten in a dream linked to the dreamers own cat who was scratching her during the dream. So the cats actions were being translated into dream symbols as the dreamer tried to work out what was going on whilst she slept.
Example dream : Being constantly bitten by crabs in a dream was linked to the dreamers constant pain and worsening illness.
Example dream : Being bitten by a black dog symbolised the dreamers manager who was criticising him. These were 'biting comments'.
Example dream : A dog biting dream linked to the dreamer having a problems with her son. Her son seemed to be applauding the dog biting her signifying his hatred of his mother. Maybe the dream links to some specific situation catching this type of feeling "My son seemed to enjoy it when that man had a go at me."
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer does not fear being bitten by a lion symbolised the dreamers assessment of her daughters rage. She was incandescent with rage but was not threatening her mother. The dream symbolised the dreamers attempts to make sense of what happened
Example dream : A dog bite in a dream linked to the dreamer
Example dream : A dream of a rat bite represented a deep and lasting blow to the dreamers reputation - and with that an almost impossible chance of getting back together with a woman
Example dream : A rat biting dream symbolised the dreamers boyfriend who was disrespecting the dreamer. She wanted to teach him to be more respectful. The dream caught her wider feelings on this issue such as "I think he does love me but he makes these very disrespectful comments. I just want to stop him behaving in such a way."
Example dream : A shark which does not bite linked to an ex and her new boyfriend who the dreamer frequently bumped into. They did not speak but seeing her it made him feel very uncomfortable. See how dreams mirror reality. In real life the dreamer felt very nervous but was not directly hurt by her presence. In the dream this feeling is mirrored as the snake makes the dreamer nervous but does not directly bite him. So we can guess that this dream caught this exact emotion "I hate seeing my ex as it brings up all those bad feelings of the break up. I saw her and I was very nervous but neither of us said anything so it was not too bad."
Example dream : A snake bite dream symbolised the dreamers fear that getting back together with her ex would lead to a return of all the previous bad feelings. He had tried to persuade her to get back together again but she was wary of the same old promises. To follow the metaphor fo the dream "she was scared of being bitten again".
Example dream : A snake sinking its fangs into you dream took place after the dreamer had been thinking about all her husbands cheating. (snakes being creatures that you cannot trust - just like her husband). Many biting dreams seem to link to relationship problems. Any snake like, rat like or weasal like creature biting you is an ideal symbol to portray all those lying, cheating and devious boyfriends out there.
Example dream : A snake bite dream was symbolic of the dreamers best friend betraying her. Snakes are never to be trusted and will turn on you without thinking so they are excellent symbols for treacherous behaviour. In this case this seems an excellent metaphor to protray this thought "I hate my friend. She has betrayed me." The snake shedding its skin in the dream is another excellent hint as this seems to mirror this type of feeling "she has really changed".
Example dream : A vampire bite linked to the dreamers thoughts about how to get a guy - she thought about talking about sex. The vampire bite represented wild sexual behaviour.
Example dream : A dream about a black snake bite symbolised the dreamers fear that her grandmother would die
Example dream : Being bitten by a shark was symbolic of a crisis and the dream was about the dreamers doubts about her boyfriend. She thought he was emotionally unresponsive and would be useless in a crisis. The dream created a story in which the dreamers boyfriend was given every opportunity to behave like the perfect boyfriend. An ideal boyfriend would have been very supportive in such a crisis. Yet the dreamers mind chose to portray her boyfriend as "simply not there for me" kind of way. This dream shows that this key feeling "he is never there for me" was something that was bothering her. We can take the interpretation even further by hinting this meaning "he is never there for me so I am having doubts about him as a long term boyfriend." After all if he is not there for her when she is being half bitten by shark then he would never be there for her generally.
Example dream : Lions that come close but do not attack were symbols for the dreamers fears about meeting her ex (seeing him would be too painful). She really wanted to avoid meeting him but had to come close. But she knew that he would not cause trouble.
Example dream : A dream where a piranha bites took place just days before the dreamer was due to deploy to Iraq. A piranha biting was symbolic of the ruthless streak within the Muslim insurgents. His opponents would kill him without even think about it and he had to be aware of that.
Example dream : a rat biting symbolised the dreamers visit to a homeless shelter the day before. She had never seen such poverty
Example dream : Being bitten was symbolic of the dreamer being accused of harassing a woman.

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