DREAM DICTIONARY - Best-friend :

Sometimes your best friend will simply be a symbol for your thoughts about your best friend. So if you were thinking about them especially yesterday then your dream could simply be about them.

Best friend dreams can often be symbolic and may link to the types of things you would tell a best friend. So of course the dream will reflect the way you would like things to be. The dream may link to you thinking about what is ideal for you. It may represent some great opportunity which is open to you and how much this means to you right now.

Best friend dreams may link to favouritism so see how that theme is relevant in your life. The dream maybe about your wish to get in with people who have influence. It maybe about peoples feelings that you have been treated favourably.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- What ideal situation or opportunity were you thinking about yesterday?
- Have you just realized that something is an ideal opportunity that suits you perfectly
- Have you been thinking about how things could be improved in some relationship?

KEY WORDS : Ideal situation, prefer, suitable, opportunity, right

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "what I really want"
- "a solution that SUITS ME"
- "its right for me"
- "I would PREFER that"


Example dream : The last time the dreamer had seen his former best friend his friend had ignored him. They had grown apart. The situation was similar with his friend who he had seen the previous day. They had been friends but now it was awkward and embarrassing. The dream was essentially about how you treat a former best friend. Do you ignore them? Its not easy.
Example dream : A best friend in a dream linked to the dreamer having a sexual experience the night before. The best friend was symbolic of their ability to talk as friends not just lovers.
Example dream : Trying to stop her best friend (the man in the dream) from doing something linked to her feelings of desperation the day before. He had complained of heart problems. She tried to get him to do more (see a doctor) but he just ignored the pain
Example dream : A best friend dream occurred as the dreamer was thinking about getting things his own way at work. The best friend in the dream was a symbol of what was best for him. (so best friends can symbolise your ideal situation - the solution most friendly to you).
Example dream : A best friend in a dream was linked to the dreamer being stressed out and fearing losing her baby. Therefore the best friend was a symbol of her wish for support and help during this difficult time. So the dreams meaning revolved around this theme of "help and support during a difficult time" and linked to this exact thought "I have been very stressed out and fear losing my baby. I could do with some help and support from my friends."
Example dream : A dream where you are on the phone with your best friend linked to the dreamer wanting to tell her ex exactly what she thought of him - she wanted to tell him what he had done wrong and hear things from your point of view. Best friends in dreams can link to things that you associate with best friends such as "supporting my side of the story", "agreeing with me" and "my ideal situation." It's difficult to tell exactly what this dream means but it could mean "I am wanting to talk things through with my ex. I talk plenty with my best friend. This makes me feel better but I really feel that need to talk to my ex."
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers best friend from school took place as the dreamer was developing a new friendship with someone. The dream was linked to him thinking that he was getting on very well with this new friend and he felt that this person could be a good friend, even best friend.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamers brother appears along with his own best friend. In real life dreamer was worried that her brother might come wanting to lend money as he was in real problems. She did not like the way her brother treated people and felt he was irresponsible with money. It is possible that the best friend in the dream was symbolic of a thought like "if my brother knew I had savings then he would turn up asking for money. He is in a real financial mess right now. But luckily he thinks I have no money. Otherwise he would be emphasising how we have always been the best of friends we are not just brother and sister."
Example dream : The best friend in a dream linked to the dreamers growing friendship. (he had a new 'best friend')
Example dream : A best friend in one dream represented the dreamers wish to make the best of a good opportunity the next day. He had been trying to make time to do some photography and the best friend was a symbol of this wish to do something he really enjoyed.
Example dream : A bus with a best friend on but no other people on was a symbol for the dreamers thoughts about his work. Usually he liked to mix in with people but just recently he had a lot of work to do and was enjoying being on his own. Best friends was a symbol of him trying to achieve the most ideal solution to his work problems.
Example dream : Breaking into a house with your best friend symbolised the dreamers thoughts about a man. She had been asking about him and was attracted to him. Her dream symbolised her need to talk and share her closest thoughts. (she was experiencing strong emotions and wanted to talk about them to someone - she was wanting to tell her best friend)
Example dream : A dream with a best friend the dreamer did not know was highly symbolic. The day before the dreamer was accused of being favourable treatment at work which was not true. The best friend in the dream was a symbol of this feeling that he was being favoured (like you would favour a friend). The best friend was not someone he knew which was symbolic of the lack of truth in this accusation (he was not being given favourable treatment).
Example dream : A dream with a best friend in linked to the dreamer getting psychiatric help. He had been thinking how grateful he was for this help and support.
Example dream : A best friend dream linked to the dreamer wanting to pursue her hobby and enjoy her work. She was thinking out a best possible situation for herself.
Example dream : A best friend dream linked to the dreamer simply wishing that her life would turn out the same way as her best friends life where everything was just perfect.
Example dream : A best friend dream linked to the dreamer wanting an ideal situation for herself - rather than just doing everything to please her boyfriend.
Example dream : A fathers best friend dream linked to the dreamer really liking to get along with her son in the way her husband was. The best friend symbolised her trying to achieve this ideal relationship with her son.
Example dream : A best friend dream linked to the dreamer being helped to overcome some sexual problems by her boyfriend. The best friend symbolised them achieving a strong friendship as well as being lovers.
Example dream : A best friend tries to kiss me dream linked to the dreamer realising that she had an ideal opportunity yet it was not the right time.
Example dream : A best friend who I do not recognise dream linked to the dreamer preferring a situation where everyone was happy.
Example dream : A best friend which I do not recognise dream linked to the dreamer having two guys attracted to her when she already had a boyfriend. This was not quite the ideal situation which everyone would think it to be.
Example dream : A best friend warns me dream linked to the dreamer trying to learn new skills but realising that this was not right for her.

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