Bears are generally big and aggressive. They also tend to be linked to grumpiness in general. Try to connect the bear to some theme like that in your current emotions. A bear dream could be your minds way of saying 'he was a bear with a sore head yesterday."

Bears are also like sharks and lions. If you saw a lion then you would definitely try to avoid it. Think of something you have been trying to avoid? A bear could also symbolise your attempts to take on more than you can cope with. Have you just taken on someone or something which was far too much for you? Do you look after someone who is vulnerable? Maybe they have a tendency to get into trouble? Perhaps you worry too much about them?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you been grumpy and ill tempered recently?
- Has someone acted aggressively towards you?

KEY WORDS : Grumpy, bad tempered

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I do not like him yelling at me"
- "she is very GRUMPY at the moment"


Example dream : A bear in a dream linked to the dreamers nephew being on a life support machine with no chance of survival. The bear was symbolic of a threat to life - in this case the dreamers nephews.
Example dream : A 'tame' bear chasing the dreamers four year old was linked to the dreamers need to decide who she could trust her son with. This dream was about the need to decide what situations are safe for her son (bears are dangerous so they represent her son getting into situations which are dangerous). She had recently read an article about rough play describing a two year old who had died whilst rough playing with his elder brother. So the bear in the dream tranlates symbolically into the words "rough" and "protect from danger" which featured in the following real life situation "I need to keep my son safe and protect him from danger. I read about a young boy who was killed by his brother accidentally as they played roughly with each other.".
Example dream : A bear chasing the dreamers parents was actually linked to some thoughts about his parents. Just like in the dream they constantly found ways of getting themselves into trouble doing something that they couldn't handle. (Bears are too much for anyone to handle). The dream linked to this exact thought process "I have been spending a lot of time trying to make my parents happy and trying to make sure that they don't do anything dumb." Obviously getting involved with a bear is a really dumb thing to do.
Example dream : One dream about a bears head being decapitated linked to the dreamer worries about joining the military - he was wondering how he could cope with being shouted at. The bear being decapitated probably symbolised himself - someone strong (like a bear) but knocked about by people even stronger.
Example dream : One dream about a male and female bear linked to the dreamer working with a co-worker the day before. Previously she had very bad tempered but this time it had been OK. The bear symbolised her previous tendency to be bad tempered.
Example dream : A dream where an adult is feeding the bears probably linked to the dreamer moving state. She was very busy and had a hundred and one things to do and was having to cope with her daughter playing up. The bear symbolised her bad mood in such a busy time period.

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