Babysitting dreams maybe linked to someone who is constantly asking for help and is becoming a burden.
QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Are you helping someone achieve their goals?
- Did you feel the need to protect someone yesterday?
- Are you trying to help someone who is very vulnerable?
- Do you feel that someone has dumped their responsibilties on you?
- Have you been thinking about someone who has children to look after?

KEY WORDS : Personal project, vulnerable, protect, unwanted responsibility

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) : - "it leaves her very VULNERABLE. I wonder if she can COPE."
- "I feel the NEED TO PROTECT her"
- "its not my RESPONSIBILITY but its been dumped on me"
- "I know its what she wants"
- "It cannot be easy to do that if you have children!"
- "I know its important to him"


Example dream : Babysitting in a dream was linked to the dreamer realising that a woman that he was involved in with a project did not have as much time to devote to this project because she had children. Babysitting in the dream symbolised the time and energy that children take up.
Example dream : A dream about a girl the dreamer used to babysit took place as the dreamer had been worried about her grandmother whilst a huge storm was taking place. Actually the dreamers grandmother was completely OK but the dreamer was starting to worry about her in the same way that she worried about a child she might be babysitting. Her Grandmother was now extremely vulnerable, like a child, and needs constantly keeping an eye on.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is trying to avoid someone whilst at a house of someone that the dreamer used to babysit. In real life the dreamer was trying to avoid the person in the dream and was even thinking of ending his voluntary work at a local community centre because this man kept turning up there. The babysitting was a symbol of the dreamers reponsibilities towards this Community centre, something he could not just walk out on because he felt like it.
Example dream : A dream with someone who was babyish linked to the dreamer thinking about her sister. She had been very vulnerable during arguments between her mom and dad during the divorce. The dreamer wanted to give her some special support during these difficult times.
Example dream : A dream about babysitting linked to the dreamers grandmother being stuck in a crisis. A babysitter can symbolise any extremely vulnerable adult - her grandmother had gone full circle (she had looked after children but was now old and frail and needed to be looked after like a child).
Example dream : A dream about looking after a baby linked to the dreamer trying to help her sister as much as possible. Sometimes she felt as if she was failing her. The babysitting symbolised her feeling a responsibility towards her sister during some difficult times.
Example dream : A dream with a baby linked to the dreamer making a stand with her son and husband - she walked out for a few hours. She just wanted some respect - she knew that she had a child to look after so was always going to come back.
Example dream : A dream where a baby suddenly appears linked to the dreamers sister turning up and dumping all her problems on her - for the dreamer this was an unwanted burden.
Example dream : A baby being dumped at a workplace linked to the dreamers job as a teacher. She was beginning to think that this was not the job for her. Maybe the baby linked to the dreamer not wanting to look after other peoples children - especially the badly behaved ones.
Example dream : A dream where a queen asks a soldier to look after a baby linked to the dreamers girlfriend. He loved her (like a queen) but she could drive him mad. The baby symbolised his wish to look after her and care for her.
Example dream : A dream babysitting two children linked to the dreamers thoughts about his friend at college. They were involved in a project together and he was thinking how she could do so much more - but then realised that she had two children. Babysitting symbolised his acknowledgement that she had lots of responsibilities with her children and so could not devote so much time to this project.

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