Trying to avoid something in a dream may simply show that something happened yesterday which you really did not like. On a deeper level you could be focusing on your own tendency to avoid confrontation or situations which you find difficult (more on a phobic level).

KEY WORDS : phobias, something bad from yesterday, something you wish to avoid tomorrow, confrontations Try to think of ways in which these key words have relevance to your day to day life. Try to construct sentences which capture key feelings and which also feature one or more of these key words. Think of phrases like "I am still suffering from phobias. I don't like meeting new people and it was obvious yesterday".


Example dream : Trying to avoid a car symbolised the dreamers conversation with her ex. Avoiding was symbolic of her trying to avoid his direct attempts to get them back together.
Example dream : Avoiding aliens symbolised the dreamers real life wish to avoid some people he felt very intimated by.
Example dream : A dream about someone that the dreamer always wanted to avoid took place the night the dreamer was thinking about a homeless woman who he similarly wanted to avoid, because he did not want to get dragged into her problems.
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer was avoiding a family was a symbol for the dreamers general dislike of talking to people, he was quite an inward looking person (he avoided any situation which involved socialising).
Example dream : A Dream where the dreamer seems to be avoiding several things took place the day after she met her favourite sister. However, she had realised that her sister liked to show love by feeding people yet this was at odds with the dreamers eating disorder and problems with diabetes. Avoiding things in the dream was therefore a symbol of foods she needed to avoid for health reasons. Avoiding these was increasingly difficult as her sisters problem seemed to be in forcing these down her. The dreamer was quite obsessive with food and her sister was obsessive in pushing it onto her. So the dream caught this feeling "I find it difficult to avoid these foods for health reasons but it was much worse since my sister seems intent on pushing forcing them down me to show how much she loves me."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is trying to avoid her brother. In real life this was quite true as she felt awkward around him because she knew he was very hard up and likely to want to lend money off her, which she was quite unwilling to do. The dream was literally true in that she was trying to avoid her brother.
Example dream : Having to avoid cow muck was linked to the dreamers general frustration. He was trying to live a much better life than previously but kept getting bogged down by distractions and problems (which he needed to avoid). So the dream just mirrored reality with an identical feeling - although the precise things that the dreamer needed to avoid were different from real life.
Example dream : Trying to avoid a tiger symbolised the dreamers wish to avoid a woman - things were very tense with her.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was trying to avoid people at a village fair. In real life this was typical behaviour for him as he didn't like being around large groups of people and socializing. This was especially the case the next day as there would be an exhibition at a community centre which he would be going to. There were several people there who would probably try to talk to him. In him dream he practising avoiding them.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is trying to avoid people of dubious character. This was symbolic of his need to avoid dodgy people which was something he had to do regularly as his hedonistic lifestyle brought him into contact with all kinds of trouble which he wished to avoid).
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was avoiding people linked to him thinking about a visit to a community centre the next day. He was unhappy with the people there and avoiding the people showed how he was not in the mood to socialise.
Example dream : In the dream the dreamer was trying to avoid someone whom he was trying to avoid in real life. The dream seems to mirror real life. The dreamer was thinking that he might have to avoid going to a community centre in order to avoid this person.
Example dream : Someone avoiding the dreamer linked to him lacking confidence and feeling geeky - the type of person people would avoid. The dream dealt with this theme of "someone weird who people try to avoid" and overall the dreams meaning linked to a phrase like this "I was thinking last how people have always misunderstood me and they think I am weird." So the dream was focusing on something that had always happened.
Example dream : Avoiding something in a dream represented a real life tendency to avoid change which at this point was needed. The dreamer was stuck in a rut and needed to do something.

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