Attempting shows that you are really trying to do something. Perhaps your trying to cope with some great changes. Maybe your relationship is breaking down and your having trouble dealing with it. Maybe your trying to think in new ways? Attempting may symbolises your wish to stem the tide.

It also suggests that something that things are against you. Perhaps you are facing pressure to do something. Maybe you have a picture in your mind about what needs to be done but you are not keeping to the plan - either the plan is not working or your just not putting in enough effort. Maybe you had big plans yesterday but had to hold yourself back because of practical difficulties. You definitely know what the problems but your feeling frustration at things not working out. Or you are not exactly sure what needs doing.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you taken on too many responsibilities recently?
- Has someone been trying to put pressure on you or make you feel a certain way?

KEY WORDS : Unable, wanting, stressing out, doing too much, frustrated, made to feel guilty, hopeless, more systematic, thinking through your approach, elusive, impossible

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I wanted to but simply could not"
- "I simply do not have the CONFIDENCE to do that"
- "I just cannot seem to manage it"
- "They are TRYING TO MAKE me feel bad"
- "She will NOT LET me make my own choices"
- "I simply will NOT LET them do that to me"
- "I simply TRY TO do too much"
- "I am just STRESSING out and not making any sense"


Example dream : Attempting to find some friends linked to the dreamers current mood. He had been helped by some friends who had lifted his bad depression. But his current mood and wish was to be by himself and wallow in his own depression. Attempting in the dream was a symbol of his need to try harder and recover that better mood. So the dreams meaning involved this "need to try harder and recover" within the context of this wider thought "I have been helped by some friends who have helped lift my depression and lack of self worth. Yet my current mood is to reject their help and be by myself. But I know I need to try harder and recover those that good mood."
Example dream : A dream where here mother makes several attempts linked to the pressure that she was putting on the dreamer to be more commercial in her career aims. She was trying resist her mother. The dream symbolised her persistence on this issue.
Example dream : A dream where teenagers are attempting to steal the dreamers car linked to her going through a break up. She felt rejected and as if everything was going wrong.
Example dream : A dream where people are attempting to kill the dreamer or lure him linked to him trying to be more disciplined. However, he slept in again. People attempting to kill him symbolised the various distractions in life which were getting in the way of him.
Example dream : Attempting to move forward but its against the law linked to the dreamer taking pictures of surfers. The action was far away and he wanted to get closer but it was not safe or practical to get closer.
Example dream : Attempting to get out of the room but failing linked to the dreamer trying to adopt new ways of thinking. Attempting symbolised the real effort he was putting in to change.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was attempting to steal money from a shop and the shop does not attempt to stop her linked to the dreamer lending money from her grandfather. She was going to pay him back but some other family members thought she was taking advantage of him. Not attempting to stop her stealing was a symbol for the dreamers grandfather not acting and feeling like he had had money stolen from him.
Example dream : Attempting to stab a guy linked to the dreamers ex spreading rumours about him and causing his current relationship to break up. Attempting in the dream symbolised the belief that his ex was really trying to cause him trouble.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer attempts to take control of the car but it has unexpected results linked to the dreamer being burnt out. She was exhausted and stressed out by everything - her daughter had just fallen out of bed in the middle of the night. Attempting to take control symbolised her need to restore order (whilst she was tired out) to a chaotic situation when her daughter fell out bed.

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