DREAM DICTIONARY - Assassination :

Most dreams will translate into thoughts which you are all too familiar with. For instance, an "assassination" dream could link to the words "out to get you" (which is one of the key words and phrases below) and the dream capture a specific thought like "He was OK with me yesterday but I still feel h is out to get me" That phrase is one of many common translations of this type of dream. Look at the list below for clues on what this dream could mean.

WORD ASSOCIATIONS: "major changes", "seriously dislike", "vendetta", "out to get you", "known enemy", "huge event", "militaristic personality"

Dreams make associations. Think of anything that comes to mind when you read through the list of word associations above. Dreams will especially link to recent thoughts and moods. If you can think of a way in which you might use one of these words then the dream may just capture that exact thought. Dreams will translate into conscious thoughts - the type of thing you would write down in a diary.

Your dream will probably link to specific thoughts like those listed below.

- "I cannot trust him - he is a known enemy on the committee."
- "It is a huge event. The world stopped and everyone is talking about what happened"
- "I am in a military mood and I am treating this like a military operation"
- "He has been replaced as Chairman. I wonder what this means in terms of policy changes"

SYMBOLIC KEY WORDS:"changes in managers at work", "enemies at work", "he is out to get me", "militaristic personality", "a huge event"


Example dream : An assassination of a President took place as the dreamer was thinking about sudden changes in the management structure at work. (Assassinations take place in order to bring about sudden change) The dream caught this feeling "Its a whole new world at work. There have been sudden changes in the management structure." The dream was about the emotional impact, the shock and excitement at sudden change.
Example dream : A dream where someone was due to be assassinated took place as there was great tension at the dreamers workplace. The situation in the dream was full of tension and paranoia which was identical to the situation at the dreamers work. Of course the dream does not mean that people at work were thinking of assassinating someone. The use of an extreme symbol like this shows how heightened the tension was. Assassination shows that the situation at work involved open and deliberate targeting of people, though not in any violent way. It probably means that people were directly and deliberately critical of their enemies at work. Note also that the person in the dream who was marked for asassination was going to be allowed to live. But if you were someone who was to be assassinated but found you were going to be allowed to live, then how would you feel? You would certainly never forget that! So the dream could link with an associated emotion like "they were directly targeting me so I can never forget that. They were out to get me!" So the dream seems to link with this thought "There was a great of paranoia at work. It seems to have calmed down. But people know that they were out to get each other so that is not easily forgotten."
Example dream : In one dream there was killing, assassinations and all sorts of other dramatic symbols. The dreamer was in the military and she said how she was used to "communicating,fighting, sacrificing, building and communicating. She was used to putting every effort into achieving her goals". The assassinations and killing and other dramatic symbols are probably linked to her direct militaristic type of personality. This is how she sees the world emotionally.
Example dream : A dream about the Kennedy assassination seems to have been linked to the dreamer writing a history article. He had been thinking about how to go about writing this article and what to emphasise. The article was about the German bombardment of his home town (Scarborough) during the First World War. What associations can we make between this history project and the Kennedy assassination? The Kennedy assassination was a huge event which stopped the world. The German attack on the dreamers home town made national news and shocked the world. This was seen as a huge crime as the attack was on an unarmed civilian town. So the assassination seems to have linked to this feeling "I want to show how this attack shocked the world, in a similar way as the Kennedy assassination shocked the world".

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