A dream will associate with virtually any aspect of a symbol. It willlink to most common situations and scenarios where people feel ashamed. Some people feel ashamed because they grew up in poverty and they try to hide it so a dream where you are ashamed may show you were feeling "ashamed because of your poor background". Others feel ashamed because they are wearing the wrong clothes or they speak in the wrong accent (some may want to talk properly whilst others may long to hide their posh accent and have more street credibility. A dream about being ashamed may show you are asking common questions associated with it such as "I feel ashamed", "he thinks I should be ashamed of myself" or "I used to be ashamed of my family but now I am not".

KEY WORDS :image, feeling guilty, sad, sorry, embarrassed, everyone sees the truth, vulnerability, exposed, your past, confessing, ridiculed, humiliated, people laughing at you, differences about what is acceptable behaviour

Think of ways in which you might use these key words to describe your current state of mind. Think of general thoughts concerning your mood and personality such as "I always feel like people are laughing at me" and specific feelings connected to issues such as "I could tell by the tone in their voice - they were laughing at me."

If you can think of any important thought that links to these keywords then its likely that that is at the heart of the dreams symbolism. Think of crucial changes in your thinking and it maybe that your dream is portraying those exact thoughts. So if you were thinking yesterday how "John always humilates me" then that's likely to be the thought that triggered this dream. If you were thinking how "my past is catching up with me" then that's likely the cause of the dream. Dreams link to important new feelings.


Example dream : A dream where the dreamer feels he should not have done something linked to the day before when the dreamer felt ashamed of something he had done in real life. He had been trying to build up a friendship with someone and realised that he was caught doing something which would not impress this new friend.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was ashamed of a room he was staying in. In real life he was worried that a homeless woman might want him to put her up. He was ashamed of the state of his home as he never tidied up and it looked like a crack house.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer feels ashamed because she does not know what she is doing when on stage linked to her moving back to her home country. She had spent time in a liberal western culture and was now back in South Korea. One aspect of shame is that you are trying hard, you wish to impress and yet you fail. Her home country had a very competitive culture and people work exceptionally hard. The dream caught this exact thought "coming back to my home country is a big shock to my system. I am used to a very liberal culture his and now I am back in this stultifying competitive environment. I remember how bad things were." Being ashamed in this context associates with feelings like "I need to compete harder", "I need to do as best I can" and "If I do not succeed I will be a failure to my parents and they will be ashamed of me." Shame is what underpins highly competitive cultures.
Example dream : In one "feeling guilty" dream the dreamer feels sadness towards his ex boss. In real life he had been very bitter but was starting to realise that his ex boss had now lost his job too, as he had not seen his car outside their workplace. Feeling ashamed was symbolic of the feelings of guilt and tapped into this exact thought "For ages I have been wishing bad luck on my ex boss yet now it's actually happened and I feel guilty."
Example dream : A dream about the dreamer feeling ashamed because people discover his porn magazines took place the day before he was due to take photos of a fashion show. He felt turned on by the prospect of taking photos of good looking women. He was going to make all efforts to conceal these feelings, he did not want them to think he was sexually turned on, rather that he was a very professional and sophisticated photographer. The dream seems to tap into this type of thought "I don't want these women to think I am a pervert getting off sexually taking photos of them. It's difficult because that is at least partially true." So in reality the dreamer was a little ashamed of these sexual feelings and would make all efforts to conceal them.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is ashamed of someone's presence who was clearly taking advantage of her was linked to the dreamers awareness of her own tendency to be abused. The dreamer was taking a 91 day self study course and was in a process of self examination. She was feeling pretty pathetic at the time. Feeling Pathetic in real life is surely the trigger cause of this feeling of shame in the dream.

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