Army dreams show that you are experiencing something "army like" in real life. Maybe you have had to show a lot of discipline or you have toughened up by others in an army style way. The army could represent anything that you associate with army life. You may have been thinking about your own tough and demanding lifestyle? You could have been thinking of your need to be more disciplined? You might have realised your need to fight for something? You may have noticed that people are lining up on opposing sides at work or somewhere?

KEY WORDS : discipline, rules, tough environment, working in a team, a brotherhood, fight, struggle, harsh conditions, resisting an overwhelming force, potentially explosive situation the next day, depressed, fighting for something you believe in, fighting for your marriage

Try to think how you might use these key words to describe your current feelings. Think of general feelings like "Life is a real struggle on my own" and specific feelings like "I enjoy working as part of the team in my new job."


Example dream : The TV program 'Army wives' linked in to the dreamers own behaviour as an army wife herself. The previous weekend she had behaved badly by locking herself in her room whilst staying at a friends. The army then was a literal symbol about the dreamers life as an army wife.
Example dream : A defeated army retreating in the snow dream was linked to the terrible conditions the day before as the dreamer had to work in the almost unbearable cold. The army was symbolic of these harsh conditions.(symbol - life in the army is full of similar hardships)
Example dream : A dream about fighting off a huge army linked to the dreamer trying to tame some feral cats. The dreamer was looking through the eyes of the kittens and their wild instincts. Trying to fight off an army was a symbol for the kittens trying to resist an overwhelming force (the human e.g. the dreamer).
Example dream : A dream about a battle scene with armies fighting was linked to the dreamer thinking about a potentially tricky situation the next day as she was due to meet a man she was in love with but had fallen out with.
Example dream : An army dream linked to an agreement to get involved in voluntary work yet also feeling tired and exhausted and overstretched. The army was a symbol for this hard life.
Example dream : Calling for the army after the fire brigade had got into trouble was symbolic of a situation which was completely out of hand.
Example dream : An army dream was quite literal in that the dreamer had served in Iraq. The dream seems to catch his emotion about the war. All soldiers will get milder forms of PTSD as their experience of war is difficult will effect them. Once you have seen the darker side of human life then you find it difficult to forget.
Example dream : Being chased by an army linked to the dreamers feelings of being worn down and depressed (the struggles of life).
Example dream : The army in the dream represented the tough battle life was like for the dreamer and his wish to fight for a relationship.

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