The meaning of alligators in dreams links to the words and phrases that we associate with them e.g. "ruthless" or "too much to cope with" or "avoid at all costs". Alligator dreams can be triggered by any of the following feelings.

1. DEVASTATED If you were attacked by an alligator it would be utterly devastating so the dream uses this as a symbol for a devastating situation.
2. WORRYING An alligator is an excellent symbol for worrying. It shows how you are fearing the worst (an alligator is the ultimate worry).
3. DANGEROUS SITUATION Was there a dangerous or difficult situation yesterday?
4. HUMILIATION A dream will use one highly negative situation as a symbol for a negative situation in real life. The connection need not be that obvious so an alligator can, in practice be a symbol for any negative situation such as total humiliation.
5. INTIMIDATING Obviously an alligator is very intimidating. It can represent any intimidating situation. That need not involve a threat of physical violence, it may just be an intimidating Aunt who imposes her will.
6. AVOID AT ALL COSTS Think of a situation you are wanting to avoid at all costs. It need not involve violence, it may simply be going to the dentists or an appointment with your boss. Your fear in real life will spill over into a dream.
7. TOO MUCH TO COPE WITH An alligator is too much to cope with and it may link, by association, with any situation which is too much to cope with. Think of a situation like "that Math class is too much to cope with. I cannot handle it!"
8. HARSH REALITY OF LIFE An alligator is the ultimate symbol of the harsh reality of life. It maybe a symbol for any situation involving failure or brutality. For instance if your business is just bust or if someone has just treated you in a brutal way.
9. UNABLE TO COPE Dreams can be real "drama queens" and they will pick extreme symbols to express everyday feelings.
10. UNFAIR If you feel unfairly treated it may result in an alligator dream.
11. VERY UPSET Obviously an allgator is very upsetting and a dream will use an extreme symbol like an alligator to express a highly upsetting situation.
12. FEARING THE CONSEQUENCES Our dreams will often use dramatic symbols like alligators to express every day fears. Think how you might use the phrase "fearing the consequences" in day to day life right now.

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real "ALLIGATOR" dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

An alligator can represent something that is bigger and more powerful than us. It can therefore symbolise things that are beyond our control. Being eaten by a crocodile could easily symbolise the prospect of losing your job. So if you have feared that then its possible that the dream captures those thoughts.

Alligators are all powerful and you should not mess with them so they are excellent symbols warning you against something. They show that you are aware of any confrontation that is in your mind.

Alligators are also particularly good symbols for the mouth. Those large powerful jaws perhaps warning you not to open your mouth. Or they could represent something that someone has said to you which cut you down.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Is there something that you would really rather avoid?
- Did you sense some real emotional danger yesterday?
- What problems were you thinking of in bed that you really cannot cope with?

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I cannot stop worrying about him"
- "Its something I would rather avoid"
- "I really could not cope with that"
- "it is so unfair!"
- "I just sense trouble is brewing"
- "I sense danger"
- "it could have turned out so badly!"
- "he really was intimidating"

SYMBOLIC WORD ASSOCIATONS: skulls, snapped, warning, warm, huge


Example dream : In one dream about an apocalypse the dreamer realises that they will have to go and clear a section of the city where alligators have taken over. The previous night the dreamer had been worrying about his father dying in a serious operation. He had been thinking how he spent most of his time at his fathers, as he found it difficult to socialise. He was worried about how he would cope. The alligators and no go zones were a symbol for his social phobias. He was scared about going out and meeting new people but if his father died then he would be forced to venture into dangerous places. Venturing into the alligator zone was therefore a symbol for his fear of venturing out and meeting new people.
Example dream : Being chased by an alligator symbolised the dreamers feelings of being disrespected by a friend. (the alligator then was a symbol of this savage attack - something you would rather avoid (just like the alligator). The dreams meaning dealt with this theme of a "savage attack" and linked to this exact thought process - "She said nothing but I felt as if she had savaged me. I just waited there and she said nothing. She shunned me and I felt totally humiliated"
Example dream : In one dream there was a basket full of dogs but at closer look it has a crocodile in it. In real life the dreamer was autistic and hated meeting new people. The previous day he was petrified when he had to meet someone new. The crocodile was symbolic of this huge fear of meeting new people (it was as bad as a fear of crocodiles).
Example dream : In one dream there was a basket full of dogs but at closer look it has a crocodile in it. In real life the dreamer was autistic and hated meeting new people. The previous day he was petrified when he had to meet someone new. The crocodile was symbolic of this huge fear of meeting new people (it was as bad as a fear of crocodiles).
Example dream : Nearly being eaten by a shark or alligator was symbolic of the humiliating time the dreamer had the night before. He expected to feel devastated (like after an alligator attack) but was actually OK. So overall the dream included this theme of "feeling devastated" and captured this exact thought "Things went as badly as they could have. Yesterday I felt ok though. I would have expected to have felt devastated." So the dream was an assessment of the dreamers emotional state after a disappointment. Notice the very complex context in which "devastated" appeared - the dreamer expected to have felt devastated but was feeling O.K. Dream symbols can be used in complex ways and contexts. The ddream mind uses its own language in a very sophisticated way just like the waking mind.
Example dream : An alligator symbolised the disastrous impact saying something to a woman the dreamer was attracted to. He had been thinking through saying something but then realised he needed to keep his mouth shut or the consequences would be terrible (it would like being savaged like an alligator).
Example dream : The alligators symbolised the dreamers fear the night before that there would be lots of people sacked at a place where he visited. The alligator then represented the ruthless reality of business where people who he knew could lose their jobs .So we can translate the alligator into the single word "ruthless" as they are associated with "ruthlessness" and "the harsh reality of life."
Example dream : An alligator in a dream was linked to a relationship which was getting too much for the dreamer. He felt as if a woman who was a lot younger was too much for him to handle. (an alligator is more than you can cope with). So we can see how the dream "alligator" translates symbolically into the simple phrase "that's more than I can cope with" and dream analysis points to a simple situation from the day before where this metaphor fitted perfectly.
Example dream : A shark with an alligator in its mouth symbolised fears that her marriage was going wrong. Perhaps it shows her fears about confronting her husband (predator versus predator).
Example dream : An alligator dream took place whilst the dreamer was homeless and jobless. An alligator is associated with several words such as "harsh reality", "danger" and "fear" which are all words which are used to describe living on the streets.
Example dream : A dream with alligators linked to the dreamers financial problems. The smaller alligators could be symbols for less urgent bills. The large scary alligators could symbolise bills which require immediate attention.
Example dream : An alligator linked to the dreamer having to accept that her relationship with her boyfriend would end as he was leaving with his parents to go to another state. The alligator symbolised the dreamer losing someone important to her.
Example dream : Eating a crocodile symbolised the dreamers decision to be confrontational with a woman not caring about the terrible consequences. He knew that confronting her would cause a real scene but he did not care. The dreams meaning included this theme of "terrible consequences" and captured this wider feeling "I will go and tell her what I think. I know I am normally really timid but today I feel very confrontational and I will go and tell her and will not care about the consequences."
Example dream : An alligator dream was linked to the dreamers fears about her driving instructor. She had been sexually harassed. The alligator was a symbol for this feeling of threat and sexual harassment - this sex pest was someone she would rather avoid (just like the crocodile). So we can see that the dream mind uses an alligator to express the feeling "someone to avoid" which was a theme which appeared in the dreamers mind the day before - the dream portrayed this simple thought "I hate my driving instructor and would rather avoid him." The driving instructor does not appear as himself but as an alligator.
Example dream : An alligator symbolised the dreamer not wanting her colleagues to know that she was leaving or that she wasn't happy because she felt that would make them worse. The crocodile representing the fear that they would turn on her with no mercy (in the way a crocodile has no mercy.
Example dream : Alligators getting free linked to the dreamers thoughts about the recession. She was worried about a friend losing her job. The crocodile was symbolic of the harsh and ruthless reality of life where jobs could be swallowed up in a second.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers friend is telling her an alligator was not dangerous linked to the friend using her. She was trying to get her to do something that would suit her but which would be a problem for the dreamer. The alligator symbolised the real problems the dreamer would have faced if she had done as she was asked.
Example dream : A dream about a dog attacking him which turns into an alligator linked to the dreamer trying to get along with a group of people but ultimately knowing he could not cope being around them. He felt intimidated by their confidence and abilities. The alligator symbolised something which the dreamer really fears - in this case people who intimidated him with their confidence.
Example dream : A gator dream linked to the dreamer being in love with a girl but fearing she would reject him. The gator symbolised his fear of being emotionally hurt by any rejection.
Example dream : A story where the dreamer is telling a story about being swallowed by an alligator linked to him having a bad day the day before. He expected to be devastated by the events but just went home and got along with things. The alligator dream represented his surprise that he was not devastated by the previous days events.
Example dream : A dream protecting her dog from an alligator linked to the dreamer thinking her dog was quite vulnerable and constantly getting into danger.

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