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Dreams use symbols to express feelings which are alive in our minds at the time of the dream. A dream symbol will represent just one aspect of a dream symbol. For instance in the following case the police represent the dreamers worries that he might be caught out having broken a rule at work. So the police just tap into this one aspect of the police - the fear of being caught in the act.

THE DREAM - HINDERWELL - I am at a house which is someone called Mr. Right lives in. My best friend is in the house. The police are there and he has cornered and then they shoot right into the house. There house is riddled with bullets. Then the word Hinderwell appears in my mind. Finally all that remains is for the sister of my best friend and me to go in and collect the body

In real life the dreamer had broken a rule at work and was determined not to be caught out. The police in the dream represented his fear that the his boss would shoot holes in his story. The mention of Hinderwell is just a word play capturing the dreamers wish to hinder his bosses finding out the truth. So actually the dreamer uses several symbols to represent this exact thought process - "I fear that my boss will catch me out. She will find the errors and inconsistencies in my story and reveal the truth. I just hope to hinder her as well as I can".

Now take this dream.

THE DREAM There is some kind of commotion going on. I decide to use my phone to call the police as they will sort things out.

In real life the dreamer was getting psychiatric help for phobias. He found it very difficult to use phones and indeed tell his support workers if he was in a crisis. He was trying to get used to phones but it was not easy for him. He tended to bottle things up and this usually made any crisis worse.

So what could this dream about police mean? Well we call the police when there is crisis. In real life the dreamer was trying to learn to call his support worker if something was wrong. So the police in the dream was just about his need to call his support worker if he was experiencing psychiatric problems. So think about it - this dream uses "calling the police" to represent the thought "if you get upset then call your support worker to help sort out the problems". So the dream does not use the symbol in the exact and ordinary sense that it would be used. But its clear to see the connection when you start to understand dreams and how they work.

Now try the following dream. THE DREAM I dreamt of a sequence from the movie - 'The meaning of Life' where Terry Gilliam played a hippy being arrested by the police. He was found out to have pictures of Terry Gilliam on his computer. Later in the dream her father was telling her how he did not like Terry Gilliam - he was rubbish.

Now if you link dreams to recent events and feelings its easy to see this dreams meaning. The dreamer was due to go to a Terry Gilliam talk at her University on literature. Her boyfriends really despised this man and thought Monty Python was rubbish. So the police in the dream captured the dreamers feelings of guilt at liking someone so despised by her boyfriend. The police symbolised her fear of being caught out liking this man.

People use the term the 'fashion police' and this dream uses the police in a similar sense. The fashion police go around arresting people for wearing clothes which are unfashionable. In wearing such terrible clothes they are breaking unwritten laws of fashion. They dress so badly that they should be arrested for it. This dream uses the police in a similar sense. The dreamer is ashamed of her taste in comedy and literature - Terry Gilliam. She wishes to hide this fact because she is embarrassed by it. The fact is that her boyfriend makes her feel like its a criminal offence to like Terry Gilliam.

So try to think of the many rich and varied metaphorical meanings of police in dreams which the mind may use. Take the following dream.

THE DREAM I am in a pub. It seems to have been attacked by a group of scousers. There is a narrow alleyway that leads from our pub to their pub. We start off to give them a "right kicking". But their appear to be police on the way so I hide in a court yard. Later I am in some kind of war. There appears to be some middle eastern guy who is almost naked and his wounds appear. He was shot right across his stomach. From the bottom left to the top right. There is another guy there who also has scars on him. He seems to have been walked all over and has deep imprints on him. Then I am in this room. Its like a one room building. I have this kind of heart thing on me but it stinks. There is an Native American there who is looking at me.

Most dreams simply express feelings that we are more than aware of. A dream is probably linked to the ways in which our minds store complex ideas and new emotions. In many ways you should try to see how you can make a dream fit a certain meaning.

This dream took place the day after the dreamer was criticised for imposing his ideas on others. This made him reflect on himself. He did not like to feel that he was the type to impose his ideas. He liked to think of himself as someone who encouraged others to think for themselves. He felt more in common with the native American - this reflected his own belief in alternative ideas and openness to all.

In the dream the man is clearly doing something wrong - he is engaged in violent fighting. Its just thuggish behaviour typical of a young teenager. So that portion of the dream could express simply that - "I was doing something wrong and did not want to be caught". This reflects real life in that the dreamer was 'doing something wrong' in that he was imposing his ideas on others. Police therefore reflected the feeling that he was in the wrong and his behaviour needed to be corrected. In real life we think of police stopping people breaking the laws of the land. In dreams laws are seen in a much more wider sense. The police are symbols of unwritten laws about the correct way to behave in real life. In this case the unwritten law was that people should not try to impose their ideas and beliefs on others. In this dream the dreamer was judging himself against his own tougher standards.

Try the following dream.

THE DREAM - I have a recurring dream. I'm always drunk or drugged (despite I don't use drugs in real life) and I feel very dizzy and can barely walk or talk or stay on my feet, the thing is that in that state, I always have to do something important or meet with someone I really care about (ie: during an university exam, or being stopped by the police, or having to meet with some friend) and I feel very desperate.

This is a recurring dream and so may reflect situations which often occur in the dreamers life. So try thinking about how this dream could be a metaphor for situations which commonly arise in the dreamers life.

Think of the metaphor like this. A drunk or drugged person is someone who is clearly to be frowned upon. They are looked down upon and stigmatised. So actually the dream captures this feeling "I always lack confidence and feel incapable".

The dreamer said that he always lacked confidence and was intimidated by people with ability. So this metapahor perfectly fits reality.

Already we have had several police dreams all of which had different meanings. The first dream simply captured the chief thing on the dreamers mind as he was worried that he would be 'found out' for breaking the rules at work. The second dream was linked to someone with psychiatric problems. He was trying to remember to call his support worker if he got into difficulties. So the police symbolised his need to 'restore order'. The third dream went off in a tangent as the police represented the dreamers embarrassment over liking a comedy programme which her boyfriend thought was rubbish. She was made to feel like a criminal because she liked Monty Pythons. The last dream were linked to the dreamers lack of confidence. He appeared as drunk or drugged because he felt 'like a loser'. The police were symbols of him being 'found out.

Clearly dreams use police in many different ways. Look for clues in the dream. Think of what type of metaphor is being painted in the dream. Try this dream.

DREAM - Newcastle dream I was in Newcastle (a city I used to live in). I was in some unfamiliar streets. I did not know where I was and was trying to explore the city. I wanted to find some attractive areas. I was in this house. I was staying there a little. There was a man and woman there. I was told by the woman that I could not stay there because the man did not want it. He was wanting to call the police but did not because he was worried that he had broken some law too. So I left.

Most dreams link to recent feelings and in this case the dreamer was feeling awkward with his new friend. The problem was that she was female and she had a boyfriend. The dreamer really got along with her really well and he was happy with being just friends. But he sensed that his female friends boyfriends was not happy about this. However, he had been thinking that this boyfriend had not said anything because it would put him in the wrong.

The dream seems to clearly hint at someone doing something wrong. In this case the dreamer felt he was doing something wrong being friends with a woman who already had a boyfriend. He also sensed that her boyfriend was not trying to stop their friendship because he would end up being 'in the wrong'.

In real life the police deal with rules written down in laws. In dreams they deal with wider issues of right and wrong. In the dream the dreamer feels like a criminal. In real life he felt he was breaking an unwritten law that you should form a close friendship with a girl who already has a steady boyfriend.

Now try this dream.

THE DREAM - I am with someone who is threatening me. This tough looking man has a knife and looks vicious. But luckily this policeman is there to arrest him immediately. Even though he has been arrested he is still in front of me and still appears very threatening.

Later, I am on the south beach at Scarborough. Then suddenly I see this huge tidal wave. Its mountainous. I start running up the hill to escape the waves. I run as fast as I can. The waves come up the hill but they are much smaller than I expected them to be. Later, I am on the beach at Cayton, and another tidal wave is building up. This one I cannot escape as it hits too quickly and I am trapped against the cliffs. I try to save my life as best I can.

In real life there was an incident which was on the dreamers mind and which was very worrying. A woman at work was causing him lots of problems. He wanted to complain about her as she had been seriously breaking the rules. However, she mixed with some extremely dubious characters and quite frankly he was scared of her. So quite clearly the person threatening the dreamer in the dream represented this woman and his fear of her dubious friends.

The tidal waves were symbols of the backlash that the dreamer feared if he complained about her. He had been thinking along such lines that night. He thought that even if he escaped her immediately then one day she would catch up with him. He even thought of the saying - “I would not like to bump into him in a dark alleyway”.

The tidal waves then represent this backlash and we can even see hints of the dark alleyway in the dreamers mind. The remote beach where the dreamer is trapped against a cliff quite accurately captures that feeling "I would not like to bump into her in a dark alleyway". So deeply embedded in the dream is this exact thought process - "I really do not want to complain about her. I know I would be protected at work (symbolised by the police) but I fear her backlash. She would not forget and one day I would bump into her and her dubious friends and she would get me back".

Always try to think of unusual ways in which the police could tap into a specific emotion right now. Take this dream.

THE DREAM I am in my sisters bedroom at my parents home. There are police there investigating her murder. I was picking up some of her underwear. I realised that my finger prints were all over this.

In real life the dreamer had been feeling guilty because he had been having sexual feelings towards a female colleague. The previous day he had been having very strong and vivid sexual fantasies which revolved around thoughts of her underwear.

This link to underwear is a strong hint at the dreams meaning. They also hint at the dreams meaning. It just captures his feelings of guilt over being attracted to a colleague. The police were symbols of his fear of being 'caught out'. Sisters are often symbols of non sexual relationships between a man and woman. So that's another good link. The sister being someone a man should not have a sexual relationship with. Its a good symbol for any relationship with a man and woman where sex is inappropriate. In this case the dreamer knew that this woman would not appreciate his sexual feelings. Her definitely wanted to hide such inappropriate desires.

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : If the police appear in your dreams then think about the phrase "caught in the act!" If you feel like you are about to be found out in some way then it is possibly this issue which has triggered the dream. This can refer to any issue. For instance if you have been cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend then there is a risk you will be found out. If you have filled in your expenses form and lied or exaggerated the true amount then you can easily be found out. If you have been spreading rumours about a friend then that maybe discovered and you will get punished in some way.
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Police dreams may often be very easy to understand. The primary function of the police in dreams is to restore order to the mind. There are occasions when chaos breaks out in our thinking. Things are going too fast and we need to take stock and restore order. So think back to the day before the dream and look for issues which are causing chaos in your thinking. Such a dream means that you need to take time out and have a think. You just wish to settle things down.
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The fact is that dreams represent your thoughts. So simply work the process in reverse. Look for evidence of your thoughts in your dreams. If for instance the day before was very stressful then look for evidence of that stress. Exactly which symbols could represent that stress.
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Think about the actual day of the dream. Have you been thinking about some important event that is happening then? Have you been thinking about how you are going to put some plans into action. Dreams may focus on the day to come and how you are relating to problems you wish to solve.

POLICE : Police are quite difficult symbols in that they can mean several things. Of course the police maybe about the breaking of all kinds of rules : Rules in the classroom, health and safety regulations, contract law, conventions concerning etiquette, and actual laws of the land. But police are about so much more. The police have an overall goal of creating general order in society and in dreams they can perform a similar role. They may symbolise the need for peace and quiet and harmony in life. In order to think properly we need some order in our lives. Occasionally our lives are so full of commotion that we cannot think properly. So dreams with police in may link to incidents from the previous day which caused disorder in our minds. Also in relationships we set each other limits. We have our own boundaries that must not be crossed. So police may represent anger at someone who makes you do things you are uncomfortable with.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "Thats a forbidden subject - we are not allowed to mention it because he is sensitive about it"
- "Thats off limits"
- "my peace of mind"
- "breaking the rules"
- "thats not right"
- "getting found out", "caught in the act"
- "we do things this way!"
- "what&146;s the commotion?"
- "calming her down"
- "its totally against what he thinks is acceptable"


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