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Dream symbolism - how and why?

How do we go about interpreting dreams? How do particular symbols have such and such a meaning? Who decides what "demons mean in dreams?" This article will help you understand how we come about dream symbol definitions. We shall look at demon dreams and see how the dream symbolism is established.

Dreams are often linked to recent feelings. They are very much in the here and now. Lets start off with this dream and see what it possibly means.

THE DREAM I wake up and I can hear someone or a group of people in the street. They are evil and devilish. They are shouting at me. The dream continues into real life after I have woken. I hear these people and they are shouting and chanting at the top of their voices. The episode continues for several seconds and was quite frightening. When I woke up I immediate thought of a guy I had been abusive too the previous day.

When you have a dream then try to make associations with it. So in this case try to think what you associate with evil and devils. What could these screaming devils link to. Think of obvious connections like evil, selfishness and badness. In this case the dreamer thought of a way in which he had been evil the day before. The day before the dreamer had been exceptionally mean to a person he hardly knew. He was very homophobic and abused the man in a shameful way.

What is the meaning of the dream? Well one notable fact about the dream was that in the dream it is the dreamer who is being abused. In real life the dreamer was being abusive to someone in a shameful way the day before. Why is this situation turned round. Actually the dream demonstrates perfectly this feeling "You were thoroughly evil to him. How would you like it if someone came at you in the same way."

Dreams symbols are best understood by you translating them into particular words which are associated with them. In this case the devils in the dream were associated with several words such as evil (the dreamer recognised that he had shown how evil he could be), abusive (the dreamer had been abusive) and nasty (the dreamer had shown his nasty side). In a similar way the following words can also be associated with this real life incident: "bad habits", "unjust", "targeted", "in the wrong", "grudge", "twisted mind", "prejudice", "malicious", "frightened" and "homophobic."

So we already have a long list of words which a demon dream could be linked with: "inherently evil", "abusive", "nasty", "bad habits", "unjust", "targeted", "in the wrong", "grudge", "twisted mind", "prejudice", "malicious", "frightened" and "homophobic." So when you get a demon dream then try to think how these words might have relevance in your own life. That's how dream analysis works.

Let's try another dream.

THE DREAM I had a nightmare and I was so disturbed and screaming that my husband shook me to wake me up.

In real life the dreamer tried making associations. She worked in a part of town which was prone to violent crime. It was often on her mind that she could be a victim. So this obviously had a relevance to the dream. Think about the list of key words we had above. Which of these could be relevant to this situation?

Many words have some relevance. The word "unjust" seems linked as the dreamer feared that she would be unjustly attacked. The word "targeted" seems linked as the dreamer worrries that she will be the target of a violent crime. The word "frightened" seems more relevant as the dreamer was "frightened of violent crime."

We might add some more words which we might associate with demons and with this situation. For a start we might add the words "violent" and "crime" as the dreamer was scared of violent crime. She was afraid of people who were "inherently evil and devilish" who would take to violent crime.

What else can we make of this dream? The first dream linked to the dreamer feeling guilty about abusing someone. This dream turns the situation around and it's meaning links to the dreamer fearing that she may fall victim of a violent crime. Many simplistic dream dictionaries will give you simple definitions "a demon in a dream means that you will be the victim of someone who is inherently evil." That could well be true yet there are many possible meanings. They will all link to these key words which we are listing. But the dreams meanings are not explained in simplistic ways. We have seen that our first dream linked to the dreamer recognising he had acted in an evil way. In the second the dreams meaning linked to the dreamer fearing she would fall victim to an evil crime.

Try to think of dreams linking to certain words. We have already associated devil and demon dreams with these words: "inherently evil", "abusive", "nasty", "bad habits", "unjust", "targeted", "in the wrong", "grudge", "twisted mind", "prejudice", "malicious", "frightened" and "homophobic." We then managed to add two more words "violent" and "crime."

Now lets try another dream and see how the key words we have listed apply.

THE DREAM I was being chased by devils and demons.

The dreamer was recently racially abused. Which of the words in our list of key words apply in this situation? Obviously the word "prejudice" seems most relevant as the dreamer was the victim of racial prejudice. The word "homophobic" also deals with a similar theme as racism and homophobia are both examples of prejudice. Other key words apply such as "abusive" (he was the victim of racist abuse). Other words might apply as well such as "inherently evil", "nasty", "bad habits", "unjust", "targeted", "in the wrong", "twisted mind" (racists have twisted minds), "frightened" and "crime" (racism is a crime).

This seems to follow a very similar theme to the first dream. There the dreamer was feeling guilty after abusing someone because they were homosexual.

So two people had dreams which dealt with similar themes. They may have been very confused with a dream about a demon or devil. Yet once understood we can link to some of the inherent evils and prejudices in society (racism and homophobia). So once understood these dreams make perfect sense. The devil was a symbol for the devil inside people as they descend into prejudice and hatred.

But notice how we cannot make hard and fast conclusions about the dreams meaning. Think of the demon dream as linking to the theme of abuse. The first dream dealt with the theme of abuse within the following context "I feel guilty after I was so prejudiced." The third dream dealt with the theme of abuse within this context "I am being racially abused" and "it feels awful when you are the victim of racial abuse. It is relentless."

Let's try another dream

THE DREAM - I've been having dreams about demons since first grade. That was when my dad first emotionally abused me.

So this is a recurring dream which the dreamer linked to her fathers "evil", "abusive" and "demonic" behaviour.

The dream does have some similarities with earlier demon dreams. The first dream was about abuse (the dreamers homophobic abuse). The third dream was about racist abuse. But this is strictly about abuse. So demon dreams deal with abuse in all its forms.

Try to think how you would use any of our keywords. It is likely that the dreams meaning links to this key thought which featured one of these key words. In this case this dreams meaning probably revolves around the phrase "I am being abused." But we can guess that this dream has a deeper meaning which we can guess at. The dream may deal with the dreamer feeling "powerless" as someone is using their power to dominate the dreamer emotionally or physically. So in this case the dreamer could capture the feeling "My father dominates me and emotionally abuses me. I feel so powerless." So the dream triggered by racial abuse probably has a similar meaning "I feel so powerless being the victim of racial abuse." Obviously someone who is racially abused cannot do anything as they cannot change the color of their skin.

So how is our list of key words doing? We can maybe add the key words "emotionally abused" and "dominated and controlled." So the list of words which we might link to demon dreams is growing: "inherently evil", "abusive", "nasty", "bad habits", "unjust", "targeted", "in the wrong", "grudge", "twisted mind", "prejudice", "malicious", "frightened", "homophobic", "violent", "crime", "racism", "emotional abuse" and "powerless","emotionally abused" and "dominated and controlled."

So we now have four demon dreams so we can start to draw some patterns. Three of the dreams link to the dreamer being the victim of racism, emotional abuse or violent crime. The meaning of these dreams link to feelings like "I feel so powerless", "I am worn down by this relentless abuse" or "This is wrong!" Other dreams link to you recognising your own abusive behaviour. These likely link to these types of feelings "I was wrong", "how would I like it if I was treated like that", "I feel guilty about how I behaved" and "I should beware as if I abuse people they may strike back. Hate breeds hate."

Now lets try another dream. (Hopefully it may follow the themes which we have already explored).

THE DREAM This dream took place on the road I live on, which is semi-farm territory. There is some nice houses amongst fields and pastures. I was walking down the road on a warm night. I stopped at a gate that lead to a cattle pasture. I always felt a creepy feeling when walking past there. In this dream, a demon appeared - it was partially invisible it had a shape a little like the aliens on the movie Signs I could see it's basic outline. It walked up to me when I came to the gate and told me it's name was Galangal(is also a name of some kind of plant). Then I woke. It wasn't threatening, but it thought I needed to know it's name, and was a little freaked. (Some estranged family members live down that path in the dream. One is actually insane.)

So whilst analysing this dream we look for situations in which any of our keywords may seem relevant. In this case the dreamer thought her son who was getting into some "bad habits" with people she thought might be "inherently evil" who were heading towards a life of "crime". The dreamer has always tried to teach her sons to grow up to hold the values that she holds. However, recently she has started to worry that they are getting in with the wrong crowd.

The dream features some estranged family members, one who is actually insane. We can deduce that the dream deals with this thought "I am worried that my wayward sons may become estranged (like the estranged family members in the dream).

The dream also deals with a remarkable transformation. At first the walk is along "nice" farms and "nice places". Later the words "creepy" appear. We can guess that the dream deals with some transformation in the dreamers feelings. Maybe the dream deals with this feeling "I always used to feel so content and happy with my sons. But now some worries have started creeping in."

One difference appears in this dream from our previous dreams. Previous dreams dealt with the dreamer being the direct victim of abuse or crime, or the dreamer being feeling guilty because they have been abusive. This dream is about the dreamers worries about her wayward sons.

So this dream seems to be heading in a slightly new direction. Our second dream dealt with the theme of crime "I fear I might be the victim of violent crime". This dream deals with the dreamers worries about her dreamers sons.

This dream suggests some new keywords such as the "wrong crowd", "bad influence" and "wayward sons." The demon in the dream is a symbol of the dreamers fear that the "devil" in them is leading them to a life of crime.

So here is our full list of keywords: "wrong crowd", "bad influence", "wayward sons", "inherently evil", "abusive", "nasty", "bad habits", "unjust", "targeted", "in the wrong", "grudge", "twisted mind", "prejudice", "malicious", "frightened", "homophobic", "violent", "crime", "racism", "emotional abuse", "powerless","emotionally abused" and "dominated and controlled."

So when you get a dream think how any of these words apply. If you can think of a sentence which includes any of these words which captures a key feeling then its likely that your dreams meaning links to that exact thought. So if you have been thinking "my boss has a real grudge against me. He just targets me. It is so unjust!" then it's likely that your dream means exactly that. The dream uses three keywords which feature on our list "targeted", "grudge" and "unjust".

Now lets try another demon dream.

THE DREAM I was sleeping in my bed with my new boyfriend. The bed in my dream was exactly my bed, same covers, same room etc. It felt like it was really happening. I felt something under the covers at the foot of my bed and couldn't figure out what it was. I reached under the covers and felt a little body like a baby; but as I felt around more, this little baby had a tail. I pulled the baby out from under the covers and it was a devil! A devil was in my bed!

The day before the dreamer was extremely stressed and feeling guilty. She had recently left her husband of 28 years. She had fooled around and fell in love with another man. Her husband was not such a great partner but he was a financial success. She was wondering if she had made the right choice and was feeling guilty for hurting her ex and her teenage children.

The dream features a devil in her bed. It is not easy easy to analyse. A baby devil is an odd symbol. But it's likely that the devil represents her new boyfriend or more precisely it represents her giving into "temptation" and her giving into her own "selfishness". The dream probably links to her thinking about her own poor morality. So demons and devils have a real relevance to her.

So this dream follows the previous dream which also linked to "bad morals" and "bad influences". So this seems to becoming a theme of demon dreams.

So our list of key words which link to demon dreams is growing even larger: "bad morals", "giving into temptation", "selfishness", "wrong crowd", "bad influence", "wayward sons", "inherently evil", "abusive", "nasty", "bad habits", "unjust", "targeted", "in the wrong", "grudge", "twisted mind", "prejudice", "malicious", "frightened", "homophobic", "violent", "crime", "racism", "emotional abuse", "powerless","emotionally abused" and "dominated and controlled."

Let's try another dream.

THE DREAM I was with a nurse who was about to give me an injection through my veins but I stopped her from doing same though she had pricked my skin already with the needle. I saw myself praying instead of taking the injection. It now seemed to me like I was hiding from something,when a girl called the attention of the nurse and told her I was the devil saying she saw a horn on me , I confronted the girl when I heard what she said and told her I wasn't the devil and had no horn , sooner or later, I saw some people sharing religious/Christian handouts , I decided to take both the nurse and the girl that accused me to meet with these people who were sharing pamphlet so they could say if I really was the devil . Believing them to be filled with the spirit of God. The girl who accused me somehow became a man, and we got into battle where he was releasing fire to burn places and I had my hand out as if I had some sort of power to stop him but couldn't. Somehow people gathered and, and they started sucking on each other. Like they became vampires, that was when I flew away ,like I fly running from them. But I felt someone followed me too and he too was flying. I asked him why he followed me , he said he was for Jesus not for the devil and I doubted him , but told him , I was gonna test him to know if he's really for Jesus. Just then the people we were running away from followed us, so we flew into an army building that seemed protected with the man leading the way. I woke up

The previous night the dreamer was at a friends house when someone she really did not like was there. He was a former friend but now the dreamer believed that he was always waiting for an opportunity to hurt her. Her car has been dismantled and she has been robbed twice and she believes that he was behind it. She simply does not like being around him and therefore made her excuses and left immediately.

What associations can you make with this? Well the real life situation mentioned the word "robbery" and we have already had a demon dream which was triggered by the dreamers fear of "violent crime".

But this dream seems to focus more on the devil inside the dreamer. The girl sees the horn and accused her of being the devil. So there are two different devils in this dream, the devil in the dreamer and the devil in the man.

Actually the dream seems to hint at this kind of feeling "I left because he was there. I feel he is evil and cannot stand being around him. Some might not understand my actions. They saw me leave abruptly and they may think that I am the one in the wrong. But I know that he is evil. I cannot prove it but I just have a bad feeling." So the dream now makes more sense as the dreamer tries to turn on those who accuse her of being a demon and prove that the man was a demon.

So we also see how this dream can link to a very complex thought process. We also see how this dream links to some new key words. People might "accuse" the dreamer of being "in the wrong". In walking out she was "targeting" the man and blaming him. But within her mind she felt that he was "nasty", "malicious" and "inherently evil". People might be accusing her of "targeting" him but she was the "target". She was innocent and he was "guilty".

Now for our final dream

THE DREAM Last night I had a dream that I was fighting a demon who was in male form and I was using wit an trickery to defeat him. Once I defeated him I became invisible but was trapped in a cage and two others appeared beside it and I found out that I was pregnant to him and the two other cages trapped my future self and my child. I then remembered that an old lady had hypnotised me into fighting this demon because he was haunting her and me and my child had to be trapped as well so she would stop being haunted.

The dreamer had been experiencing a lot of pain and was told that she maybe had endometriosis.

The dreamer could not think of any issues which might feature the key words that we have collected in connection with demon dreams. However, she was suffering pain. It is conceivable that the demon in the dream was a symbol for her illness. We often say things like "I have been cursed with this arthritic pain." Devils and demons can be associated with bad things in general.