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Dreams - a summary

This website has studied many dreams. The object of this page is not to show how dreams link to particular thoughts and feelings, since there are many pages on this website which do that. Instead we are just summarizing the types of issues and feelings which may trigger a dream. This will help you spot the thought or feeling which has triggered your dream.

On this page we are going to summarize the meaning of a dream in a single quote. Say the quote is "I was surprised how he reacted yesterday" then the meaning of the dream simply links to the dreamers suprise at how someone reacted yesterday. A quote is a much simpler way of describing a dreams meaning.

Freud and Jung mentioned dreams about the personality. These do indeed cause dreams. Dreams like this may link to thoughts like:

"I wonder if I could of done that better?"

"I coped well with that!"

"I do not seem to be doing as well as I could?"

"I do not like the way I am behaving!"

"I have noticed how I seem to have changed - I seem to be a bit more..."

"I have to stop doing that"

"I know I made the same mistake again"

A very interesting type of dream is the "distraction dream". In these the mind is distracted in some way and so we cannot think deeply. These dreams can be very easy to understand because you will be well aware of the distraction which has triggered the dream. Dreams like this will link to this type of feeling:

"I wonder what noise that is? I wonder if its a burglar?"

"I am in such pain."

"I can hear the radio on in the background and they are playing a song I like"

Another type of dream is the "previous day dream". With such dreams your mind is thinking over some big incident or prevailing feeling from the day before. Such dreams can link to these types of feelings:

"Wow! I did not expect that"

"We had a wonderful time, we should do that again"

"That has really changed things!"

"I cannot stop thinking about it"

"It was such a bitter argument"

Many people can get highly involved in some creative task. During sleep they will continue to think over these projects. Creative dreams may link to thoughts like:

"I think I have identified where I am going wrong"

I really want to get on with this project. It's really exciting me"

"Why is it not working?"

"I have got this great idea. I will put it straight into practice tomorrow."

Emotional dreams are easy to interpret. They link to feelings like:

"I am so happy"

"I am so sad"

"I am so excited"

"I woke up in such a good mood"

"I woke up in such a bad mood"

Nightmare dreams can link to these types of feelings:

"Things are going so badly"

"I see no way out of this"

"I took a real risk yesterday. Everything went OK but it could easily have gone so badly"

"I am just thinking the worst. I am very pessimistic"

"This is how bad things can get. We should prepare for the worst!"

"This is bad how things can get! You should appreciate how things are!"

Relationships are very important to us. We will constantly think of how well things are going. Relationship dreams will link to thoughts like this:

"I sense something is wrong"

"We need to talk things through"

"He annoys me so much"

"How can I get her to compromise"

"I am worried about my daughter"

"I hate my boss"

"We need to learn how to work together"

"how he behaved yesterday was typical"

Many dreams help monitor our health. They help us analyse how well we are and how we have improved or deteriorated. They will link to feelings like this:

"I wonder if my foot has recovered enough to start jogging again"

"My life will be very different when this arthritis gets worse"

"I am so depressed by the pain"

"I think the answer to my hay fever is exercise!"

"My health seemed to have improved yesterday!"

"My health took a sudden turn for the worse yesterday"

A similar type of dream is the change of life dream. These link to feelings like:

"I will have to get used to retirement. I have always had a job."

"We have got new management in at work. I wonder what that will lead to?"

"Starting college will be a big change"

"This is a new start. Things will be different from now on"

Most dreams are in the here and now. They link either to yesterday or to the day to come. If you have been thinking about the day to come then its likely that your dream links to this type of feeling:

"I will have to be so careful"

"I am expecting big problems tomorrow"

"I am so excited. I have planned out how I wish things will turn out"

"I am being paranoid about how bad things will turn out tomorrow"

"I cannot wait to get stuck in. I lay awake thinking about what I am going to do"

One type of dream is the "reflective dream". Throughout our lives we think about other people and issues in general. You may have watched something on TV and your mind is thinking that over. These general issues may not seem immediately important to you but they help generate you and your world view. Such thoughts help you define yourself as a person. These dreams will link to thoughts like:

"Yesterday I was thinking about ____ and it really made me think"

"Something happened yesterday which really made me think"

"Normally I don't think twice but yesterday it really had an impact on me"

"I used to think that cable TV was great but now not so much"

"should I help that homeless man?"

So dreams will link to the types of things that are occupying your mind. Just think what is on your mind. Write down some thoughts from yesterday and there is a good chance that your dream links to these exact thoughts.