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Dream diaries

The secret of good dream analysis is not good intuition. The secret is knowing what your dream are likely to be. If you know what you are likely to dream about then you will be able to spot likely dream symbols.

dream overwhelmingly are about current events. They record your feelings about dream . They record your emotions. They are the minds way of processing information - they discard unwanted data and help us form opinions on important matters. They help us understand our emotions. So if you know what your dream are likely to be you will know what things to look out for. dream also see into the future - but just the next day usually. Very occasional they will see several days ahead - but that's only for very important events. So overwhelmingly dream are about our thoughts, feelings and events from yesterday and our thoughts , feelings and events from the day to come( premonitions). It is that simple .

The dream journal should have ideally three stages for any given day.

Stage ONE - Before you go to bed record things from the day that have stuck in your mind. If you had an argument with someone, if a particular emotion problem was in your mind. You may have watched a music concert or seen a program on TV that particularly stood out and made you think. This is a record of YESTERDAY

Stage TWO - When you wake up. Jot down the time of the dream . The emotions you felt in the dream . Who particular characters in the dream reminded you of emotionally. Also write down things which you learnt or were taught - any important insights.

Stage THREE - At the end of the day you had the dream record experiences during that day - thoughts feelings emotions. Record chance meetings you had and unusual things which stuck in your mind. This is a record of TODAY.

Now you have the three vital ingredients for the dream analysis. Now 99% of dream are about important things which happened yesterday and premonitions of important things which happen TODAY. All you have to do is use the standard methods of understanding dream to fit those dream to the experiences we had.

Of course there are many types of dream . Many dream occur several times but that's just because the problem is still current in our minds. But the most important thing you need to know is that your notes of what you felt during the previous day and things that happened to you in the day of the dream are the things which spark your dream . Some issues are long running but they will only appear if they were particularly important that day.

I know some people will not particularly agree with my method. What I am basically saying is that you have to make these experiences fit. That's the method I use and you just have to trust me that it works. Very few dream will not have a meaning.

But one thing you do have to remember is that all the standard rules of dream analysis stand. dream symbols are often very difficult. You do need to study other pages on this site in order to understAnd dream symbolism - its not easy.

People are particularly difficult - people often just symbolize emotions that we feel. If you see a child in a dream then it symbolizes innocent thoughts and childish enthusiasm. If you see a man who is a local butcher you know he may symbolize a ruthless and vile thought within you. If you see a managing director then that is thoughts which are taking charge and command your emotions.
But overall you just have to remember that the solutions to your dream are in current thoughts feelings and ideas.