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Dream psychics - David Mandells psychic paintings

David Mandell is an ordinary pensioner from the united kingdom. However, He claims to have an extraordinary gift - He paints scenes from dream and claims they are evidence of the future. Events such as the murder All children at Dunblane, The terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers The and the sarin attacks in Tokyo Have all been captured in these dream .

As soon as he has a dream he paints the scene with his watercolors. Then he takes the picture down to his local bank and has himself photographed in front of their electronic clock as proof of the date.

He has undergone tests with polygraph machines to prove what he’s saying is true. Although his cataloging is not all what it could be he does claim that his pictures foretell the future. He has had less than 200 pictures photographed. Some he claims as direct hits, others as Partial hits whilst the rest he admits have no relation to any event which has happened.

He painted a sixteen children covered in blood together with two adults. One of the adults seems to be part of the group and another a short distance away. He claims this was foretelling the events and Dunblane primary school when sixteen children, Their teacher and then murderer all died in a massacre.

He also had a picture of Concord crashing at an Airport with a Tricolor flag trailing behind it. This was the fatal crash of Concord at Paris Airport.

Another picture showed two towers on fire with one falling into the other. Perhaps this was foretelling the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in 2001.

One of the best examples was the attack on Tokyo with sarin nerve gas. Notes he included on the painting referred to a secret group such as the cult which carried out the attacks. He also referred to hills - perhaps the hills where the cult lived. He referred to Tokyo by name although he misspelled it The Tokio. He also referred to the smell - which perhaps signifies the gas.