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Dreams about crushes and fantasies

Dreams about crushes are very common dream . They are really a special type of dream . But they also demonstrate an aspect of symbolism. When you dream about a crush mostly you dream about a person you have created within your own mind. If you dream about a pop star then you are dreamming about that person as they exist within you. You are creating their emotions, their motivations and the very behaviour.

For instance if you dream about your crush kissing you it is a dream showing that you want to kiss him/her. Thats the actions that you want them to do. If you dream about being angry towards your crush then it means that you feel an anger towards the person you have created within your head.

It is possible to have very powerful feelings about people you have not met. dream can be premonitions and if you get a precognitive dream about a crush then that can build up that feeling of connection.

dream about crushes are the minds way of keeping your mind stimulated. Take a very depressed person who has few prospects, is not physically attractive and has little personality. They may have few friends and maybe quite introverted. These feelings can spiral out of control. So what the mind does is to create a dream about someone that the person is attracted. Is stops the mind going in an ever lasting spiral of depression fueled by reality. It creates a new reality within their own head.

Often such dream when symbolically analyzed show that our own minds recognize our own delusions but most people cannot analyze dream anyway.

Crushes show another thing. They show that dream are about the world as exists within our own heads. If we had a good day with other firned splaying sport the previous day then the dream maybe about that event and may include the crush. The crush maybe the motivation for a particular actiuon so however deluded the crush that person still exists as if they were real.