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dreaming and the natural drugs of the body - melatonin, seratonin, DMT, 5HT

Melatonin is one of the main chemicals the body produces which is used in dream . It is produced by the Pineal gland. It is important not to have too much of this chemical as too much can lead to manic depression and too little can lead to withdrawal. So in some ways we suffer from withdrawal symptoms if we produce too much. So in this way levels of Melatonin are extremely important in helping us regulate our own bodies.

One feature to note is that the bodies production of Melatonin is quite strongly connected with the time of year. Melatonin is know as the vampire drug as it only comes out at night time. And during the winter months it can be overproduced and in the summer months it can be under produced.

The main function of Melatonin is to make us feel sleepy. So in winter our body is over producing because of the longer hours of night time. This leaves us in an almost drugged up state. That can leave us tired and withdrawn. In areas near the north and south Poles this can be an extreme problem and is linked with SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder).

So during the winter are brains are switching off and we are really attempting to hibernate.

Melatonin then is also said to enhance the vividness of dream . So what can you do to enhance the bodies production of Melatonin?

Diet is an obvious start. Several foods are associated with Melatonin production. They include oats, rice, milk, seafoods, Soya, sweet corn, bananas, and tomatoes. Some people take Melatonin supplements but no studies have been done on the safety of this.

However Melatonin is quickly flushed out of the body within an hour of production so it is better to take the food last thing at night otherwise it will have no effect.

You can also enhance Melatonin levels with actions. As discussed earlier it is associated with the rhythms of the body. And meditation is said to enhance production along with Yoga. Dimmed lights can also encourage Melatonin. After all Melatonin only comes out at night after 9PM. It does not come out during the day at all. It is associated with daylight so a darkened room will enhance its production.

Melatonin is associated with the production of some of the strongest hallucinogens known to man. Seratonin is also made in the Pineal gland. Seratonin though has similarities with smoked drugs such as DMT. It is therefore associated with the hallucinogenic aspects of dreamming. It can produce extremely vivid dream . It can make you feel extreme levels of love and can enhance the sense that everything is connected. It can also enhance noises and colors.

Many people have associated seratonin - along with other drugs as of beneficial effect. A low seratonin metabolism is connected with depression, crime, drug abuse, reckless behavior and suicides.
Clearly the body cannot do without seratonin. It is essential. And low levels seem to be connected with bad and poor behavior. It leads to poor judgment. And it is clear the brain craves DMT and seratonin. It stimulates the mind. But perhaps over stimulation can lead to a different set of problems. High levels can be associated with schizophrenia, psychosis, mania, mood disorders, brain disease, autism , Alzheimers disease as well as blood disorders. So it is clear that too much can lead to people being more withdrawn.