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Analyzing dream - the archetype

Every time I see Star Trek the next Generation film with the story about the Borg Queen capturing Data, and tempting him with the things he wishes for, I find my mind wondering to stories I’ve heard concerning the negative Jungian Archetypes; the women who destroy men, the women that hold some kind of power over man, and yet always in the end destroying them.

The Borg Queen is the Archetypal "Evil Eve", in Biblical mythology, Eve is the perfect woman, she looks up to Adam, but there is another myth in other texts of the Bible about a "first woman" one before Eve, her name was Lilith, and she was not submissive to Adam, and did not "obey" his demands, and thus supposedly was turned into an evil creature with bat wings to seduce men in their sleep and to kill children at their birth, that is according to Jewish Biblical mythology... although I don’t know this entire story first hand.

In Sci-fi films and stories These "Evil Eves" lurk everywhere, From "Startrek" to "Species". These particular woman are the creation of a male dominated imagination. They are just stereotypical "bad girls" who seem to get what they want, and men seem to suffer for it.

They are of course as in all fictions over dramatized, and dangerous creatures with an actual conscious desire for the downfall of all men.

But in our dream , particularly mens dream , the "subcubus" the "vampire queen" the ones who make men lose their minds by playing upon their desire.

These shadow women are the inverse of the goddess/ or of the "Virgin Mary" or "Eve" in Biblical mythology, perhaps with all things, every positive must have a "negative" so we never underestimate the "good" and pure in our lives...

Yet there are positive attributes to the "Evil Eves"; they are in control of their self-ness, highly intellectual and they are not "submissive" and are considered very sexual creatures by nature. (Remember this is a stereotype/archetype and I am trying to look into the positive aspects of the "shadow woman")

What about the "Shadow Man"? The bestial essence of man as the thinking animal, is the idea of the shadow man. In Greco-Roman myth he is the wildness of the Faun, from which our modern mythologies directly take the idea of the form of what we call "The Devil", someone materialistically, and sensually in touch with that flesh side of being an animal.

But unlike, the "Shadow Woman", Shadow Man, is not really as much a creature of intellect as he is a creature madness and lack of control. He is the thief, the drunkard, the madman and the one who takes what he wants, when he wants and how he wants.

What are the positive aspects of such a stereotype such as this? Well if you look into what our society as a whole sees what men should be like, then you realize that the self-determination and the divine madness often make these beasts sound typically more of a "Rock Star" or "Pop Idol" of our times rather than the "Devil" and "Faun" of the days of old.

Sadly we see more positives in these stereotypes than we see in the "Evil Eves", perhaps due to the way we in our culture seem to be... and the aspects we admire most.