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Big Brother dream analysis - contestants dreams

Big Brother is made in the UK by Endemol and is an excellent source of dreams to analyse as the contestants often discuss their dreams.

The vast majority of dreams are linked to the here and now. They tend to be triggered by emotions and feelings that we felt on the day before the dream. Other dreams look forward to the day ahead. Either way dreams home in on the highlights and most important moments in the dreamers current life. Big Brother is an excellent source of dreams because the types of thoughts and feelings that a dream represents are captured on the one hour long highlights show.

Dream are very much linked to psychology and the mind. Indeed the show is very much about testing the contestants and probing their personalities. This is why Big Brother is so brilliant for understanding dreams because it focuses on the types body language which trigger dreams.
THE DREAM - Dirks scorpion dream
I was out of Big Brother. This Big Brother person took me to this University in Manchester or somewhere. I walked down this really beautiful bar. There was this guys standing in black suits. They had slick black hair turned back. They turned and they had black faces and noses like beaks. They had beautiful suits, white shirts and ties. They turned and looked at me and said "you don’t belong here". The bar was full of these guys. I said "what kind of people are these. They are obviously immigrants." They were obviously immigrants. The bar man said "those are scorpion people".
Then this other scorpion person. He is in a beige suit. He grabs me very firmly.
I said "are you throwing us out. I can’t believe that your throwing us out". He just nods like that and threw us out. Now I was out in the lobby. This university guy was gone. He was so mad. He was trying to find people to tell them what happened.

THE REALITY The next day Dirk was up for eviction. Perhaps the dream related to some thoughts about this. Either the dream was triggered by the issue of racism which he would soon find out the details of. Or the dream was linked to his growing disdain for the show itself. Shortly after during that day he described Big Brother as cheap TV.

THE MEANING Its actually not an easy dream to understand. Dreams can link to real life issues and two issues were potentially the cause of this dream. It would be arrogant to say that one was the cause rather than the other. You can never truly show that a dream was caused by one thing rather than another. All you can do is show a potential link.

The dream gives one strong clue - the scorpion people. This is obviously a dark and evil symbol which would be a minds way of expressing some dark or sinister thought. The trouble is that this dream fits two situations quite nicely.

The dream firstly uses immigrants as one of its key symbols. That is therefore a strong link to the real life situation within the house. The housemates had already gained some intuitions into the absolute scandal that was unfolding outside. A Sky News helicopter had been spotted overhead so obvious something that had happened inside the Big Brother house had made national news. Also with the way in which Jade Goody had been evicted it was obvious that this was something to do with racism. But still people like Dirk knew little about what was going on in the outside world. So maybe this dream was Dirks way of saying that soon he would find out the truth. Indeed the dream mentions the "need to tell them what happened".

But the dream can be read two ways. One other potential cause is that the scorpions stand for Big Brother itself and the dream expresses Dirks feelings that the show was dark and sinister and "cheap TV". The dream then symbolises Dirks growing insight into this and his realisation that his potential eviction that night was a poor form of TV reality. Following that interpretation it maybe argued that the scorpions represented the "corporate TV executives". Dirk had a long conversation that next day about this very subject. He knew that the evictions were a way of manipulating people for some cheap entertainment.

Symbolic Meanings
SCORPIONS IN SUITS : "something evil or day. Connected with Big Brother"
UNIVERSITY : "gaining some major and educated insight into some situation in your life"
THE DREAM - Jades Goodies Shilpa shetty dream

I was in the Big Brother house. Shilpa’s family were all here and they were all having a party. They were all dressed in their sari’s and dancing around having a party. Then Shilpa and me started kicking each other. Shilpa was lifting up her Sari and kicking me. It was rather comical.

THE REALITY Shilpa and Jade had been clashing quite a lot. It was getting quite heated. Jade actually told this dream to Shilpa and was in a clearly good mood. It was told in good humor. In the dream Shilpa is surrounded with all the things that are familiar to her and her own family and culture. Perhaps this is the dreams meanings. That in a sense the differences between the Shilpa and Jade were caused by culture. So the petty and almost ridiculous fighting in the dream represents the petty and ridiculous arguments caused by their cultural differences.

Really the dream is best seen as Jades insight into the differences and her better mood the next day symbolises how she was trying to understand Shilpas isolation in the house. Dreams tend to depict our current problems and show how we can overcome them. The very next day Jade and Shilpa had an enormous argument. But this dream signified one moment and one insight into the problems Jade was having with Shilpa. Later dream may have been entirely different in their meanings. Each dream shows how we assess and monitor current events. Our feelings can change from moment to moment. Jade was realising that this relationship was in difficulty because of a clash of cultures. At this moment the problems could have been repaired. Just twenty four hours later the problems erupted and the situation became out of control.

The relationship between Jade and Shilpa Shetty actually became a major talking point right throughout Britain and India(where Shilpa is a Bollywood star). The matter was raised in parliament and meetings between the two governments discussed the matter. There were a record number of complaints to Offcom about racist behavior towards Shilpa. Others denied these claiming that Jade is actually mixed race herself(her father is North African).

Dreams will always be symbolic of how the dreamer feels. Jade never felt as if she was victimising Shilpa and never felt that she was being racist. She was unaware of the big news story that was developing outside. The actual day of the dream did mark a marked improvement in their relationship. Jade had a chat with Shilpa which was interpreted by some as Jade telling Shilpa what to do. But it is much more accurate to say that she was attempting to clear the air and say things face to face. The fact that these were blundering attempts to clear the air means little. The intent was there to at least clear the air and talk through differences. The focus in Jades mind was not on the bullying and racist comments but rather on Shilpas controlling attitude. Dreams represent the dreamers views not the views of the media and general public.

THE MEANING The dream captured the following emotions within the dreamer - "I know that me and Shilpa are not getting on. I think that she comes from a vastly different culture and that many of the problems we have been having are based on a clash of cultures. These are just silly and ridiculous petty arguments. I shall try to get on with her more tomorrow."

Symbolic Meanings
RIDICULOUS FIGHT : "Jades realisation that her differences with Shilpa are petty and ridiculous"
SHILPAS FAMILY : "Shilpa is from a very different culture and what she sees as familiar is not the same as Jade. The differences are based on culture"
THE DREAM - Petes spiral dream
I meet my friend who died in real life. I am right at the bottom of a spiral. My friend is showing me how things will be. Each step up the spiral represents a part of my personality clicking into place. At one point in the spiral I enter Big Brother. Later on I win Big Brother. My friend was showing me how I would gradually become a complete person.

THE REALITY Pete believed this to be a premonition. Other people interpreted the dream as one of self belief. Pete had talked with Aisleyne about this. He was worried that if the dream did not come true it would dent his belief in heaven. She thought that even if Pete did not win he would still be a 'winner'. You did not have to win the competition to become a complete person. He had the dream at a very low point in his life after a break down. In entering Big Brother and in getting so far he had already transformed his life.

However, a premonition would be as good an explanation as any other. The dream did after all come true. But the truth is that the dream will always keep its secrets. You can never truly prove such a dream is a premonition. But on the other hand you can never truly prove that a dream has a conventional explanation.
THE DREAM - Nikki’s split tooth dream
I am in terrible pain. My tooth has split right down the middle.

THE REALITY Nikki had this dream on the Friday morning just as Big Brother was about to end. It is easy to see this as a premonition dream . After all on that night she was evicted in fifth position which clearly disappointed her. She walked out to a chorus of boos and virtually broke down when she was interviewed by Davina.

We can often get premonitions of very bad days and this day was a big let down for Nikki. She reentered the house with a public that seemed to love her. She felt that she was invincible. Then she was evicted in fifth place which was an obvious let down.

A painful split tooth is a very strong symbol which captures the exact feelings she felt that night. Dreams capture parallel situations and feature situations where we feel identical emotions. The painful tooth captures the exact same feelings for Nikki.
THE DREAM - Nikki's Pete dream
I am kissing Pete and he says to me "I think I have fallen for you".

THE REALITY In a way this was a premonition. Nikki had this dream about Pete and the next day He did indeed say those exact words. But it was only after Nikki had said the same words to him and demanded that he say the same words back. This is another dream that is difficult to analyse precisely. Nikki knew that the next day was Friday. She was in the Big Brother House NEXT DOOR. It was a separate section to the real Big Brother House. She knew that if she was to return to the house then it would happen the next day. So this dream could represent her own deepest wish or it could be a premonition. Its difficult to argue that this was a premonition because it was entirely predictable in a way. But premonitions do occur. I would tend to view this as a premonition but its not going to convince any sceptic about premonitions as the events were quite predictable.
THE DREAM - Richards Grace dream
I am being chased by Grace. She has a cup of acid in her hand.

THE REALITY Its strange how within a two day period everyone seemed to get dreams about Grace(Richard,Pete, Imogen and Glyn). It would be easy to say that these were synchronicity or premonition dreams. The house mates were unaware that the public were voting to bring back four former house mates. One who was eventually chosen to return was Grace.

However, these may have been individual dream in their own right. Imogen and Glyn missed Grace. Richards dream seems actually quite symbolic. The acid could easily stand for his own acid tongue. Maybe he had some worries that the bad things that he had said about others would catch up with him. It certainly did wen the former house mates returned. Richard had to meet Grace whom he had called ’horse face Grace’ in the diary room. So Richards dream maybe symbolic of his own need to keep his bitchy comments in check. With many dreams its difficult to say exactly what the meaning is. Here it could be a possible premonition but there are equally good reasons to suppose it was just an ordinary dream .
THE DREAM - Petes Nikki dream
I have had dream about Nikki every night since she left.

THE REALITY It is difficult to say for definite what individual dream means. Here we have a pattern and it surely revealed Petes inner feelings for Nikki. The fact that she had penetrated into his deep subconscious every night since she left showed that he really missed her and that maybe he was falling in love with her. Nikki returned to the Big Brother House for the final week and their feelings for each other quickly became apparent. Dreams reveal the focus of our minds. Here we did not get to know the content of individual dream but we can say quite clearly that Pete was thinking an awful lot about Nikki.
THE DREAM - Aisleynes shopping dream
I am in a shop. I want to buy a pair of shoes but cannot do it. There is another woman there and I cannot buy the shoes.

THE REALITY Nothing much specifically links to this. But Aisleyne is in a high pressure situation being in Big Brother and her clothes and image are obviously important. .

THE MEANING The dream captured the following feelings within the dreamer - "I want to get exactly the right image and look. But whatever I do I cannot get it exactly right."

THE INTERPRETATION We go into shops to get the things that we want yet do not have. Here Aisleyne wants something that she cannot have. Somehow she is frustrated in the dream. This shows that the choices she wishes to make are not available. Perhaps she wants a look that she cannot achieve. The average young woman is very image conscious but if she is on TV all day every day then image and looks will be consuming her every thought. Its not easy to say precisely what this dream was triggered by but it maybe that she was jealous of some outfit another girl was wearing.

Symbolic Meanings
SHOES : "Our direction and identity "
NEW SHOES: "getting just the right image - finding a new direction"
SHOPS: "the choices we wish to make - looking for something new"
THE DREAM - Nikkis teenagers dream
These little children came into the house. They were sat down eating. Later on in the dream there were some teenagers outside in the garden. They were banging on the door to get in. I was frightened and there was a security guard there.

THE REALITY This dream took place on Friday morning and that night she was up for eviction.

THE MEANING The dream captured the following feelings within the dreamer - "I am having so much fun in the Big Brother House and I really do not want to leave right now."

THE INTERPRETATION When she woke up that day it was a very big day as she was up for eviction. This dream probably symbolises her thoughts about this. The teenagers probably represent the rude and boisterous Big Brother crowd. Clearly in the dream she wants to stay in the house and that probably simply means that she did not want to be evicted that night.

Symbolic Meanings
CHILDREN : "The simple pleasures of being in the house"
FRIGHTENED : "the fear of leaving the house"
GUARD : "wanting to stay in the house"
TEENAGER : "the fear of eviction and the mischievous Big Brother crowd"
THE DREAM - Glyns Lea dream
I was sat on the sofa with Nikki. I was really missing Lea.

THE REALITY This dream took place when the housemates were nominating for the first time.

THE MEANING The dream captured the following feelings within the dreamer - "I have been thinking about the various people in the house and to be honest I would really miss Lea if she left. I might end up having to talk to Nikki who just does my head in."

THE INTERPRETATION Often dream simply capture your emotions. In this there were strong emotions attached. Maybe that is simply what the dream captures. The dreamer was realising that the contestants in Big Brother have to nominate people to be evicted. He is thinking through who he would miss.
THE DREAM - Aisleyne’s Mikey dream
I was in the bedroom and "doing stuff" with Mikey. Then Grace comes in and sees and goes mental.

THE REALITY Mikey and Grace had been acting like a couple in the house since they arrived. They had not had sex yet they shared the same bed and went around together. Yet Mikey had actively stated that he and Grace were not boyfriend and girlfriend.

THE MEANING The dream captured the following feelings within the dreamer - "Even if Mikey did fancy me then I am not sure it would be wise to move in on him. Grace sees him as her guy and would not take kindly to it. But above all I am just confused about the relationship between Mikey and Grace - are they truly boyfriend and girlfriend because its not a sexual relationship."

THE INTERPRETATION When Ashleyne was talking about this dream she claimed that she did not fancy him in that way. Actually the main part to of the dream is not her feelings for Mikey or his for her but the actions of Grace. Perhaps this is a dream recognising Graces power and attitude. Its maybe not even a sexual dream. Big Brother is about psychology and reading people. Grace has formed an alliance with Mikey and they are acting like a couple. Its not a sexual relationship yet they do share a bed. But even though Mikey has actively said that he and Grace are not boyfriend and girlfriend Aisleyne is realising that moving in on Mikey would not be a wise move.

Bedrooms are symbols of sexuality but they are also symbols of close personal relationships. Perhaps this links to Aisleyne's assessment that Grace feels Mikey is her personal property.

Symbolic Meanings
BEDROOM : "sexuality and attraction - She is asking is their any attraction between them"
BEDROOM : "intimate relationships - even if the relationship between Grace and Mikey is not sexual Grace still sees Mikey as her property."
THE DREAM - Petes bananas in the ears dream
I am taking part in some Big Brother task. I have to stick a banana in each ear. As a prize I win an albino person.

THE REALITY The previous night Pete had been told by the girls in the house how much they fancied him. First he was told by Lea that she had feelings for him. Then Nikki was giving him a lot of attention. Also everyone was asking him if he liked Aisleyne as they all thought he was having an affair with her. It seemed like all the girls were after him. He didn’t really share the feelings for any of them.

THE MEANING The dream captured the following feelings within the dreamer - "Last night I found out that all the girls fancy me in the house. First Lea and then Nikki. It was crazy. But they are really not the girls for me. They are so shallow and lacking color."

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams will so often be about something very specific. In this case its very easy to build a case as to what specific thing this dream refers to. The previous night Pete was told some things that totally shocked him. He found out that four of the girls in the house fancied him.

The main symbol which could link to this is the ears. Ears will often symbolise things that have been said - after all we listen through our ears. In this case plenty of things were being said that could generate a dream .

The prize he wins probably symbolises what he can "win" if he takes any of the girls up on their "offers". The fact that the girls who fancy him are all rather shallow and not his type probably links to the Albino. That's showing that he finds them all lacking color.

Symbolic Meanings
ALBINO: "totally lacking any color and personality - the girls who fancy him lack any depth"
BANANAS : "Something mad"
EARS : "Things you have heard - in this case he cannot believe what he was hearing the night before about the girls fancying him"
TRACEY BINGHAMS TORTURE DREAM I dreamt that it was the first day in the Big Brother House(in fact I have been in here for several days). I was meeting all the other contestants again. I was meeting them for the first time. The Big Brother people were torturing us. The competition would last for two years instead of a few weeks.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a contestant in the TV Reality show Big Brother(Tracey Bingham). The day before the dream was extremely trying for the dreamer. She was already showing signs of alienation from the show and felt isolated because she was American. She woke up to overhear a conversation which was directly about her. Another contestant was talking about her in a negative way thinking the dreamer was asleep. The dreamer then felt an urge to talk about this incident to a fellow contestant. This then induced another contestant to talk about her own feelings. As an Asian she felt that she had absolutely no chance to win the competition as the Great British public would not allow an Asian or coloured person to win the competition. She then confronted the other white contestants and this caused a lot of resentment. Added to this the dreamer also misunderstood something said by her fellow coloured American contestant(Denis Rodman)and this caused an argument between them. As a final act a white contestant then called another contestant a "lying Arab"(probably a phrase which was quite innocent for an older white British person) which was unfortunate as she was sat next to an Arab.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had a dreadful day yesterday. Its like I am seeing a whole new side of all the contestants. Its become torture. I do not know if I can bear it any more."

THE INTERPRETATION Many dreams are about issues currently on the dreamers mind. Its quite clear what was on this dreamers mind. A whole series of events happened one after another. Issues of race were explored in great detail which set the white people against the coloured people. But also the dreamer was also in turmoil because she had overheard things and also because of misunderstandings she was now on bad terms with her fellow coloured American contestant. So she was effectively having arguments with everyone in the house.

In the dream the dreamer is in the house for the first time(actually this was the second week of the contest). This symbolised the fact that the arguments the day before had made it seem as if she was meeting people for the first time. She was meeting a whole new side to them. She was incubating fears that she as a coloured American would have no chance of winning the show. She was seeing people in a new way. Indeed she overheard a conversation which was deeply negative about herself - when we overhear something then we know that its the truth being told.

In the dream the contest is to last for two years. This symbolises how the contest seems to be dragging. Time drags in the house as the contestants are not allowed anything to read and cannot watch TV. But if relations are not going well with any other house mates then time seems to drag.

Torture is a symbol that is easily explained as the dreamer feels tortured by her presence in the house.

Overall the dream captured the dreamers immediate emotional feelings - "I feel isolated because I am American and also coloured. Other coloured contestants have openly said that they are there to make up the numbers and that a coloured contestant would never stand a hope of winning. But now I am even arguing with Dennis who is the one person who I know and can trust. Then another contestant went out and openly made a racist comment in front of an Arabic woman. I cannot talk with anyone and time is dragging. I feel like I am meeting everyone for the first time. This place is like torture!"

Symbolic Meanings
TIME : "a feeling that time seems to be passing slowly or quickly - in this case time was passing tortuously slowly"
Victor dreamt that he was in a fight with the Elephant man and was losing.

Victor was a somewhat isolated contestant at the moment of the dream . He particularly disliked a group of contestants: Marco an outrageously camp gay man; Michelle a very feisty gordie girl; and Nadia a transsexual with a very annoying and mad laugh. To victor these people represented a freak show. And annoyingly they were clearing isolating him in the show, he was in a battle he was losing.

So to dream of the Elephant man who was a freak of nature clearly revealed his thoughts about some other contestants. Marco and Nadia were clearly part of a freak show to him.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "This Big Brother House is just a freak show. Marco and Nadia and Michelle are just not normal. They keep getting to me with their stupid outrageous behavior."

THE INTERPRETATION The Elephant man was a man who existed in Victorian London. He was the subject of a film "The Elephant Man". He had grotesque deformities and for a time became an exhibit in a real life freak show.

That's quite clearly got a parallel with his present situation. Big Brother is often described as a freak show by the press. Victor clearly did not consider these people as normal. He is a black man who fits the Gangster rapper mold. An outrageously camp homosexual and transsexual did not fit his idea of normality. They did not try to get along with him either and Marco was the type of gay man who senses homophobic tendencies and then provokes this by acting even more outrageously.

Symbolic Meanings
ELEPHANT MAN : "Fellow contestants Marco, Michelle and Nadia behave in an outrageous freak show type way that Victor cannot abide"
Stuart dreamt that Victor was been chased and killed by a killer whale

THE REALITY Stuart is a very easy going person. He is somewhat of a cool dude. Victor is a very combative black man immersed in gangster rap culture. At the time of this dream Victors influence in the house was being reduced. He was trying to dominate Stuart but Stuart was more laid back and was starting to dominate the group. Victors attempts to spread animosity were failing.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "Victor is trying to spread bad feeling in the house and trying to cause trouble with me and my girlfriend. But my own mellowed out approach is overpowering him."

THE INTERPRETATION Stuart was a laid back person and would not let anyone provoke him into an argument. Whales are symbols of the unconscious. They tend to link to peacefulness and reflection. They are symbols of calmness and tranquillity. That perfectly reflects the attempts of Stuart and others to calm down the situation. There had been several arguments in the house and Victor had been behind many of them. This dream shows how Stuart had been trying to calm down the situation. He was friends with everyone in the house and so was able to defuse tension.

Symbolic Meanings
KILLER WHALE : "a mood for peace and tranquillity within the house"
VICTOR : "Victors own tendency to provoke trouble in the house"
Stuart had a dream that he was saving Michelle from drug dealers

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "I had better get into Michelle's bed or she will start seeing this as a snub. I do not want to aggravate her as otherwise she may show her worst obsessive and possessive tendencies."

THE REALITY Stuart had slept with Michelle for several nights running, until the night of the dream . He woke up and as morning broke he got up and went into her bed.

Maybe Stuart was thinking of her emotional state. They had sleep together several nights and not to sleep with her maybe seen as a rejection. So the dream was urging him to make sure this was not going to become an emotional issue.

THE INTERPRETATION Michelle Bass became known as one of Big Brothers most possessive contestants(she was known by the nickname "Bunny Boiler"). She would not allow anyone to touch her boyfriend in the house and carefully analysed everything that he did.

Perhaps the drugs in this dream suggest that she had become ’addicted’ to the presence of her boyfriend. So the dream may suggest that Stuart recognised this and was acting to prevent her from making a scene about this.

Symbolic Meanings
DRUG DEALERS: "Michelle has a tendency towards obsessive and addictive behavior"
Vanessa dreamt that she was in love with Jason

THE REALITY Vanessa had talked to Jason previously to the dream but they had never really hit it off at all. Jason is a very well built and vain man, who is a bisexual. But during this show he had really just revealed his gay sexual side with his flirting with Dan.

But on the day of the dream Vanessa told Jason about the dream and they gradually became closer.

THE INTERPRETATION DREAM symbolise our thoughts but in particular they highlight changes in our perceptions. Vanessa had so far kept clear of Jason. But on this day she became much closer. Perhaps this being in love dream symbolises her own feelings and a wish to develop a closer bond with Jason.

Symbolic Meanings
IN LOVE : "Vanessa is drawn towards Jason's and she seeks to develop that relationship"
THE DREAM - Stuarts Busted dream
Stuart dreamt that the group Busted were playing songs for him

THE REALITY Stuart was in a relationship with Michelle who was wanting to be a topless model.

THE MEANING The dream captures the following feelings within the dreamer - "Michelle is really forward and will take any opportunity to show her breasts."

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams can use plays on words. Dreams will feature words which associate with real life. The most obvious thing associated with Stuart's life at this time is breasts("busted"). So this dream could definitely be quite sexual in that he is constantly having his girlfriends breasts flaunted in front of him. But its possible that this was not sexual in an arousal sense. Michelle’s tendency to reveal herself at any opportunity did annoy Stuart.

Another possible explanation is that the band BUSTED symbolise his mood at present. The band Busted are quite anarchic and fun. Perhaps he felt similar emotions at the time of the dream to when he listens to ’Busted’ songs.

Symbolic Meanings
BUSTED : "a play on words - Michelle's breasts"
Vanessa dreamt that she had a two year old baby. She was also talking to a man who was blind. He had been blind since a terrible accident. She was talking to the man who like herself was a south African.

THE REALITY Vanessa had been nominated to leave the house that week.

THE MEANING The dream captured these thoughts within the dreamer - "I am up for eviction this week. But the worst thing is that I have no idea how the public perceive me. Will I be seen as popular or will they hate me."

THE INTERPRETATION The blind man is perhaps crucial to this dream . The dreamer had been in this reality show for four weeks. She had no idea what the other contestants thought of her. She was effectively blind and unable to read the public's mood.

Babies tend to symbolise parts of us that are growing. Perhaps this baby represents her own participation on the show. It had been born into her life and had been developing for four weeks.

The symbolic meanings
BLIND MAN : "the dreamer was unaware how the public was perceiving her"
The morning after Emma had been evicted Shell dreamt that Emma had been evicted but she had not really been evicted. Weird was her description of the dream .

THE REALITY Emma had not actually been evicted. She had been removed to a special room within the house.

THE INTERPRETATION It is possible to see this dream as a possible premonition. Emma had not been evicted and was still within the house. Yet she was hidden in the Big Brother house in a special new section. So this was conceivably a premonition. Premonitions tend to be quite common and they will be more likely to come true on the actual day of the dream.

Yet its also possible to see this as intuition. Big Brother is very much about mind games. The contestants constantly get divided up and have tricks played on them. That is the nature of the Big Brother experience. Perhaps this dream represents how she is second guessing what is happening. She maybe is guessing that a secret room had been set up. That was something that the contestants had heard rumours about.

So ultimately its difficult to say this is a premonition or simply a dream linked to intuition. Intuition dream are often wrong.
THE DREAM - Shells Footballers wife dream
Shell dreamt that she went to Dan and urged him to do her hair just like a footballers wife

THE REALITY Shell is quite a mixture of a personality. She is clearly on show in the Big Brother house and is conscious of the personality that she puts across. Perhaps she is aware that her personality is seen in a particular way - quite sophisticated and perhaps fairly posh. She has even stated that the one thing that will stop her winning is her ridiculously posh accent. Perhaps she is trying to style her personality in a certain way - less sophisticated and more simple and straightforward just like a footballers wife. A bit more Essex Girl.

On the other hand the dream could be about her psychical appearance not her personality and character. She is on show and needs to look her best. Sometimes her hair looks really shiny and glamorous but other times it looks a bit dull. Various newspapers have commented on her hair being scarecrow like. So maybe the dream is about her wish to make her hair look nice. Such thoughts are high on your mind when you are on a TV reality show. Looks are all important.

THE INTERPRETATION Big Brother is a contest. The contestants compete to get the support of the public. They use their own appearance and personality to gain support. Shell was aware that her own appearance and personality were important. She had now become aware that she needed to be more able to connect with the general public. Her personality was seen as rather posh and so she maybe felt she needed to appear less so.

But surely underlying the dream is a need to pay attention to style. Dan is a gay man and pays great attention to his own appearance(a style Queen). His place in the dream surely links to the nature of the Big Brother show and an obsession with appearance and personality.

Symbolic Meanings
DAN : "Dan is very style conscious"
FOOTBALLERS WIFE : "a need to be less sophisticated and more silly"
THE DREAM - Jason’s Vanessa dream
The morning after Vanessa was voted out Jason had a dream that Vanessa walked onto the patio.

THE REALITY Jason had been close to Vanessa and was not happy when she was voted out. He felt more isolated because of her leaving. On the actual day of the dream Shell walked out onto the patio and Jason for a split second thought this was Vanessa. He felt this was a strange coincidence.

THE INTERPRETATION Often dream can be premonitions. When Shell walked out onto the patio the next day Jason thought it was Vanessa as they look quite similar. Jason seemed to associate this with his dream . Perhaps this was a premonition. Many premonitions are small and insignificant. He recognised the feeling in the dream and associated the two together.

Of course its impossible to tell for sure. You can never truly tell what a dream means. Its especially the case for short dream. Perhaps Jason was looking for a replacement for his friend Vanessa?
THE DREAM - Michelle’s Ahmed DREAM
Michelle had a dream that Ahmed was back in the Big Brother House and was wearing a blue jacket

THE REALITY Michelle was in a relationship with Stuart at the time. The current challenge for the house mates was to be tied together with another house mate for 48 hours. Michelle was tied to Jason who she really dislikes. Her boyfriend Stuart was tied to Shell who, as an attractive female, was her worst nightmare. Michelle is known as a "Bunny Boiler" because of the possessive nature in her relationship with Stuart.

THE MEANING The dream captured the following feelings within the dreamer - "I feel a bit isolated at the moment. I have been cut off from Stuart"

THE INTERPRETATION Its difficult to say exactly what the dream means but dream do capture our current feelings and Michelle was very frustrated at this time. The dream features Ahmed and that cannot be a very positive symbol. He was totally isolated and disliked and sat on his own for weeks on end. Perhaps Ahmed symbolises her own isolation and and even desire to leave(hence the coat).

Symbolic Meanings
AHMED : "someone isolated and grumpy"
BLUE : "feeling blue - depressed and unhappy mood"
COAT : "It possibly symbolises a desire to leave the house"
THE DREAM - Stuarts Ahmed skiing dream
Stuart had a dream that Ahmed was back in the Big Brother House and that he was going on a skiing holiday.

THE REALITY Michelle and Stuart had become very close in the house virtually from the start. However, Michelle, has even described herself as a very jealous person. And the weeks task was to be tied together with another house mate for 48 hours. Michelle was tied together with Jason which for her was a worst nightmare. Then her boyfriend was tied together with Shell. This was an even worse nightmare.

THE MEANING The dream captured the following emotions within the dreamer - "The current task has definitely separated me from Michelle(my girlfriend). Its just on the surface though and part of the game".

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams capture our current thoughts. This is not an easy dream to decipher but its possible to see what they might mean. Ahmed represents isolation and being cut off because he was always isolated from the group. He is back in the house so all the emotions that he represents have reappeared in a new form. Stuart is feeling cut off and isolated from his girlfriend because he has been tied together with Shell.

Skiing is where you move along the surface. Perhaps skiing can represent the something superficial. So in that sense it could express how he is superficially cut off and isolated from his girlfriend because of the game that is being played.

But it certainly is possible to see some connection between real life and the dream . Ahmed's appearance is not good and represents an inability to get along with people. Those feeling certainly were resurfacing at the time of the dream .

Symbolic Meanings
AHMED : "isolation and a bad mood - having to get along with people you do not like"
SKIING : "on the surface - something superficial and not real"
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