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Dream analysis - big incidents the day before

This website attempts to seriously study dreams. There is one secret to this study. Experience has shown that dreams are highly linked to the day before. However, we can take this one step further by concentrating on days when something big has just happened. Here we can predict that any dreams we have will almost certainly link to that big incident. So we can study these dreams and start to really push forward the study of dreams and the understanding of dream symbols.

The reasoning behind this is quite simple. If dreams are truly linked to your thoughts and feelings then if you are thinking of just one thing then surely your dream will link to that incident or feeling. All you have to do is think of how the symbolism works.

Lets start off with a few simple dream summaries and link them to important incidents and feelings from the day before.

A woman had a dream of a snake attacking her and the day before she had been involved in some academic arguments and had been unable to defend her position. The snake attack could easily be seen to link to that incident.

One dreamer dreamed of escaping terrorists in Iraq. In real life she was having a hard time recently and was increasingly ill. Iraq was symbolic of her being terrorised by the ill health and descent of her life.

A dream of a missile coming from outer space took place the day after the dreamer had started to seriously doubt her faith (her faith had been exploded).

A dream where the dreamer is angry because of a huge traffic jam took place the day after the dreamer had to wait for hours at a Government office.

A dream about a drunken talking crow took place the night after the dreamer had drunk too much.

A dream about a lion took place the night after the dreamer had regretted shouting at his son. The lion was a symbol of him shouting and imposing himself on his son, in the way a lion imposes itself on it's weaker prey.

Just by looking at these dreams and the incidents the day before then we can easily see how the symbols have a great deal of relevance.

Knowing that there is this massive connection between incidents from the day before and dreams then we can push forward dream analysis in a major way. Freud and Jung spent an endless amount of time trying to guess what subject the dream was about. But if we concentrate on these dreams that follow on from big incidents the day before then we know by experience that the dream is almost certainly linked. We merely have to work out the symbolism.

Indeed, we can start to work out in detail what dreams mean. We can link dreams to a particular thought or feeling. For instance, try this dream.

THE DREAM - I was being chased by two people. I could not get away. There was also a tiger there.

This dreamer was caring for his sick mother. They spent most of the day with each other and were starting to get on each others nerves. So we can guess that the lion that the dreamer cannot get away from links either to his mothers ability temper to lose her temper, or the dreamers attempts to keep his temper under control, or both. The lion being the symbol for anger and loss of temper.

Now try this dream

DREAM - Executed in back of head. I was executed by firing squad. I had my back turned and was shivering with in fear as I was waiting for the moment.

The previous day the dreamer found out that someone he knew well died the day before very suddenly. This is a major incident and our theory predicts that any dream will be about this big issue. How does the symbolism work?

Obviously the dream deals with death and that's good connection. It also deals with a premature death, which was relevant in this case. The premature death of his friend, through illness linking to the premature death by firing squad.

Notice how the dreamer is waiting for the moment. That's the key phase of the dream. Clearly the dreamer has been reflecting on his own mortality. That is very common after someone dies. You think about the person who died but also think of yourself. You maybe think of how you need to look after yourself better. You may think how the same could happen to yourself. It seems likely that dreamer was thinking about how the same could happen to him and that he could die prematurely and there was no way of predicting it.

THE DREAM - I am holding some cards(I occasionally play poker with a group of friends) and a bottle of vodka. I am a spy. I suddenly think of myself been tortured by the Germans.

The day before the dreamer had been thinking how "his mother had nearly found out he had been playing poker." So playing in cards in the dream is an obvious link. So we know that the dream is likely to be about this big issue. But what does the spy and the German torturers represent. Spies are known for keeping everything secret so we can see directly how this symbol works in the dream. It represents the dreamers need to keep his poker games secret from his mother. What of the torture? Maybe this represents his need to keep this poker game secret from his mother at all costs. He should keep it secret like a spy keeps secrets under pain of death.

So we can see how some very unusual symbols (torture and spies) have a real relevance to the dreamers current circumstances.

The following dream demonstrates how we can push forward the understanding of a dream symbol by concentrating on big incidents the day before.

THE DREAM I was with my grandmother and she was behaving unusually. She was being confrontational.

The previous day a friend, who was normally very supportive suddenly started to say how pathetic the dreamer was. This sudden criticism had shocked the dreamer who would never have expected this friend to turn on him as he was always so non confrontational.

Obviously this friend was being confrontational, which was a clear theme in the dream. The dream fits nicely except for the fact that the dream is about the dreamers grandmother not his friend. Yet we can conclude that this has some symbolic meaning. But what is it? It may revolve around the fact that grandmothers are renowned for being non confrontational and and non threatening. So the dreamer is focusing on thought "It was such a surprise that my friend said those things. He is normally so non confrontational" (like a grandmother).

So now the dream seems a very good fit. So again we have managed to link a dream from the day before which did not have obvious connections. Now lets try another dream.

THE DREAM I am watching two comedians from above who are called "Little" and "Large" (They are two comedians from the UK). Suddenly they change and "Little" becomes "Large" and "Large" becomes "Little". At the end of the dream a song was been sung. There was a commentator describing the situation. He was saying something like "will the song be found out."

The previous day the dreamer had been trying to complete some task. He had failed miserably and thought he had ruined some valuable equipment. The previous night he hatched a plot to pass the blame on. In that way the dream dealt with the concept that he would not be blamed for a large portion of the mistake but rather a vary little portion.

So we see the dream definitely deals with a major theme of the real life issue "being found out". Knowing about this major incident the day before helps understand the reference to "little" and "large". The dreamer wanted to take a "little" portion of the blame rather than be blamed entirely (take a large portion of the blame). Otherwise this dream makes no sense. But knowing what caused it helps us to understand it perfectly.

The night prior to this dream the dreamer had a big family get together. This involved her own brothers and sisters and also the family from her fathers first wife. It was a joyous occasion and the dreamer wished for her father to be with them. In her dream her father does turn up. Actually this dream is easy to understand and it just captures this feeling "it was a wonderful family get together, I just miss my father and I wish he could have been there."

DREAM - My Father's Visit I was extremely surprised when I saw my Dad alive and looks very fresh and happy. It really made me feel perfectly very light and filled my heart so much happiness and excitement when I saw my dad. I ran quick towards him to give him a big hug and thanking God for bringing Him back giving a chance to hug and talk to my father. He's face was very bright, and rosy cheeks with a very sweet smile on his face looking straight to my eyes. He even looks younger in my dream. Where inside the car seating next to him I told him that I knew it within my heart that he still alive. And I also told him that after his funeral when most of all the people are going home only few are left I saw him walking alone quietly. I had no idea where he is going but I feel happy when I saw him. Hoping and praying I will see him again. And now this is it your here talking to me, I can touch him and even hug him. I am really very happy to see him again and I am also crying while embracing him, because of so much happiness seeing my dad again. Just suddenly a woke up crying so heavily, missing my dad so much.

The following dream took place the day after the dreamers daughter was asking questions that she should not know anything about. This upset the dreamer who wanted to keep her little and innocent.

THE DREAM I dream that my 3 yr old daughter got raped by someone we knew. I only say someone we knew because of the feeling in the dream. I never once saw his face. I was upset, mortified, but more than anything I felt I let her down. I was supposed to protect her from all bad & I couldn't. Now she was still very much alive but not the same. Like she lost her joy or her whole being.

It is quite clear that this dream deals with a similar theme, but it seems quite excessive. The dreamer was upset that her daughter had been asking about things that she should not know anything about. However, in the dream she is raped. Naturally this rape dream made the dreamer very worried. But dreams do this sort of thing, they pick an extreme dream symbol like rape. The reason for this is that extreme symbols help show our strength of feeling. This helped show that the dreamer felt the following "that was so gross (like rape), my daughter talking about things like that."

Dreams are often about our feelings rather than the facts of our life. That helps us understand this dream.

THE DREAM I was under water but in some sort of a restaurant or bar that was filled with water and I was swimming so beautifully like a mermaid. I was with a man, we were smiling at each other and having a great time underwater.

The day before the dream the dreamer decided that she needed a divorce. Obviously this was a big situation and was highly likely to cause a dream. But the dream does not mention anything about her husband. Instead it is a rather random dream about mermaids. But the dream is about this issue it just takes a bit of working out. In it she is a mermaid swimming freely. The night before her emotions were swimming freely as she decided to break free. This dream simply captures her emotional mood at the moment that she decided on this major change.

So it can be seen quite easily how dreams link to the day before and big incidents. Sometimes it is not so easy to work out the connection. But working with the symbols and thinking about them helps us understand the connection.

Words cannot express just how useful this technique is. If something big has just happened the day before then we KNOW what has triggered the dream. The bigger the event or feeling then the greater the confidence. Put it this way, on the night of September 11th 2001 everyone went to sleep. The vast majority of them will have been thinking all day about the jets crashing into the World Trade centre. They may have had dreams about quite random things but we can work on the assumption that the dreams were in some way related to their feelings following this world changing event.

Actually there are very few world events like this which would generate dreams. The biggest events are events in our own lives. Quite often we will go to bed thinking of that argument yesterday, that project that we are thinking about, the girlfriend/boyfriend we have just broken up with. These are sure fire issues to cause dreams. By studying such dreams we can start to understand the language of dreams.