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Animals in dreams


Animals in dream symbolize emotions and general thoughts within us. They are just the same as other symbols in that they can use synonyms and word plays. A LadyBug can therefore symbolize a woman being bugged by some male. A boar can symbolize someone who is very boring.

dreams about animals in water are symbols of our emotions. Water is a symbol of emotion because water like emotion moves and flows. Our emotions constantly change just like water which is always on the move. How the animal moves within the water reveals our emotional mood. For instance if the water is calm and beautiful then it shows our emotions are good. Certain animals are associated with certain things. For instance dolphins are associated with spiritual or sensual matters - many see dolphins as embodiments of the beauty of nature.

The depth of the water is also important. Deep water shows that you are delving deep into some emotional issue. You are soul searching and deep in thoughts.

Animals in shells are often seen as embodiments of a shy and withdrawn nature. A turtle can symbolize therefore some private and personal issue. An armadillo though maybe seen as a symbol of strong defenses - A tough sturdy emotional mood perhaps.

Other animals symbolize the way they behave. Dogs for instance are very loyal towards their human owner. They therefore symbolize loyalty and faith in something. They can symbolize the trust that you put in a friend. And if the dogs are angry then there maybe some issue involving trust and faith being tested in your life.

Spiders are symbols of entrapment. You are stuck in some circumstances in the same way that a fly is caught in a spiders web.

Rabbits are symbols of some problem which is multiplying quickly. That is because rabbits reproduce at a fantastic rate. It can therefore symbolize rampant sexuality. Or they could symbolize ideas which are spawning new ideas.

Snakes are quite tricky animals. A water snake could be seen as connected with emotions. It maybe seen as a symbol of emotional creativity. But above all snakes are slippery and sliding creatures and therefore symbolize some issue which is difficult and fast moving. They may symbolize a pace of change which the dreammer is uncomfortable with. They may symbolize male sexuality. They may symbolize an enemy who is out to hurt you in some way.

Most insects are seen as bugs which are irritating. They therefore symbolize some annoyance within the dreammers life. But individual bugs may mean different things. Ants for instance work together as a society and sacrifice themeselves. Maybe they can symolise some issue over which you need to work together with others on.