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Animals and their dream dictionary meanings


ESSAYS on symbolism : The following essays have been written using a bank of correctly analysed dream . Often we have conclusive proof that a dream links with a real life situation such as the night after you had an argument with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The following essays try to reduce each dream meaning to a quote which helps you understand the real emotions that dream refer to.

ANTS : Ants and their meaning in dream interpretions
ALLIGATORS : Alligators and crocodiles in dream analysis
BIRD : Birds as dream symbols of the future and change
BULLS : Bulls in dream can symbolise aggressive male attitudes and behavior
CATS : Cats and dreams
DOGS : Dogs and their real meaning in dream analysis
DOLPHIN : Dolphins in dream interpretion
FISH : An essay in practical dream analysis
Horses : dreams about horses
INSECTS : Insects in dream
PIGS : Pigs in dream
LIONS : Lions as symbols in dream interpretation
PUPPY : Puppies and their importance in dream
SHARK : Symbolic importance in dream analysis
SNAKES : Snakes in practical dream studies
Spiders : An essay on the meaning of spiders in dreams
VULTURES : The symbolic meaning of vultures in dreams
WHALES : The symbolism of whales in dream
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Perhaps we can see aspects and things we associate with an animal as aspects of our own personalities. An animal could mean something different from one person to another, so the interpretation can be anything from the personality of a family pet, to a universal ideal of what a cow is compared to the archetype of an Indian Goddess.

ELEPHANTS - complex and personal meanings

For example what is an elephant? It is big and strong, is known for it’s memory, has an unusual nose, and eats a lot.

But if we look at other aspects that we over look, for example the Indian god of generosity and kindness is represented by an elephant, Gonash (I don’t know how to spell you know ) There are also stories of elephants being sacred to the Thailand Royalty for example the white elephant, which gives good fortune. There is also, the other side of our own language about a white elephant, being a gift that is a Borden more than a gift.

Then there are comparisons, like an elephant being the opposite to a mouse.

We have so many aspects, I for one think of elephants as social animals which are long living and pure vegetarians, and related to the small fury animals called the "hydrax" which look nothing like them.

It also comes to mind that elephants spend a long time being pregnant too, and because they nurse their young for an extended amount of time on demand, were almost considered to be primates by early scientists such as Darwin, and even Linneus. The elephant is also a circus performer, an attraction at the zoos, and something people ride as much as horses. In other parts of the world they are loyal pets.

They because of their strength and nature are also considered symbols of virility in men and protective symbols as well, due to the tusks.


So many meanings of animals, you would have to look in-depth in this way to every animal you encounter in your dream . A rat for example can mean quite a lot to me. City baby the song by GBH, was one of the personal names I took on. It was taken from a headline in a Birmingham news paper, "City Baby Attacked By Rats" for me it didn’t mean so much about rats but it did mean something about a poverty stricken past. However, I have had pet rats and they were in all different colours shapes and sizes, and tame rats are clean, friendly and quite intelligent. Rats are just survivors in my mind, and there is nothing very good or very bad about an animal like that, they just are.


Lets see, what do I think of horses? Well I think that they are so much like humans, I can’t see them as good dream symbols for me. I see horses as being symbolically very female though, because of the association in China with the horse to the earth, and the spirit of the earth. I see the horse as a very gifted animal, very intelligent, and very strong. In Roman/Greek mythology horses were under the jurisdiction of Neptune/Poseidon. Horse facts are that horses are strong, and pure vegetarians (vegans) because they don’t eat anything from other animals. Another interesting fact is that horse milk, is very high in essential fatty acids, and is closer to human milk than cows milk is. ( Odd fact, but as a person who is interested in nutrition and babies it is an interesting fact ) The Mongolians drink horses milk on a daily basis. Another interesting but useless fact...(as I don’t drink any animal milk, it makes me kind of sick to think about it ) Horses like humans in evolutionary theories both have "grown up" from very small animals into rather large fast moving (well some of us) animals built for hard work, on fields and plains of flatter more open lands of pre history. Horses are animals that must move and run on a daily basis, some of us humans should do this too... as more natural humans tend to walk a collective amount of distance of about 8 kilometers a day to acquire food, shelter and water. But they only spend 15 hours a week in subsistence behaviors unlike us modern, fat city living creatures...who spend on average more than 40 hours a week.

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Cleopatra dream dictionary references
ADDER deceitful enemy
ALBATROSS vulnerability
ALLIGATOR sensing trouble - sensing danger - something that you would rather avoid
ALLIGATOR something is unfair - a sense of resentment
ALSATIAN antagonistic thoughts coming from a devoted friend
ANIMAL degrading pleasures and thrills
ANIMAL lower form of life / behave wildly
ANIMAL moodiness and animalistic emotions - lacking any real control
ANT conformity to society
ANT need to cooperate
ANTELOPE prosperous and high ambitions
ANTS a cult - overwhelming obedience to the group
APE joking - pun
ARABIAN eastern mystery
ARK preservation
ARMADILLO tough defensive emotions
ASP deceitful enemies
BABOON uncultured and stupid
BACTERIA bad things which are too small to see
BAT being misled
BAT dark unseen thoughts / only come out at night
BAT feeling drained of energy / thoughts constantly on your mind which tire you out
BEAK stick your beak in
BEAR naked sexual desire - a strong enemy - male emotions - irritability
BEAST not confronting major problem
BEAVER a busy social life or emotional life
BEAVER as busy as a beaver
BEE regimented order
BEE thinking hard about something someone has said
BEE working hard
BEEHIVE team effort
BIRD a proposal - an idea for the future
BIRD an omen or bad sign - a premonition
BIRD something that could happen or could have happened
BIRDCAGE a sense of being trapped / a desire for freedom
BIRDCAGE feel trapped
BISON path of nature
BLACKBIRD bad luck
BLUEBIRD sending out signals of depression
BOAR bore = pun
BOAR bore down to find answer
BUDGIE endless repitition
BUFFALO relentlessly follow the path of nature
BUFFALO strong but stupid / natural roamer
BUFFALO the path of nature
BUG things that bug you
BULL powerful forces let go at random
BULL sexual power - strength and stubborness
BULLFIGHT struggle between anamil and human side
BULLFROG sexual excitement and arousal
BUNNIES a harmless and docile mood
BUNNIES feelings of unfaithfulness
BUNNIES some feeling multiplying out of control
BUTTERFLIES wonderful romantic adventures
BUTTERFLIES wonderful transformation
BUTTERFLY beautiful transformation
CAGE need to control some desire
CAGE not able to achieve your aims
CAGE repressed desires
CALF fatten up
CALF rebirth of nature
CANARY subtle and extravagent beauty
CAT independence - wanting to be on your own
CAT bitcheyness and cat fighting - sexual power
CAT independence - doing exactly as you please
CAT the mysterious and psychic side - deep intuitions and magic
CAT your deep suspicions about your own direction in life
CENTIPEDE run away from
CENTIPEDE slow and hesitant progress
CHAMELEON distrustful changing character
CHAMELEON your ever changing nature and feelings - a constant need to adapt for your own good
CHEETAH always being the same deep down - never changing its spots
CHEETAH cheating at something
CHICKEN scared in some way
CHICKEN sexist remarks
CHICKEN wholesome experiences / young female
CHICKEN your hopes and ambitions do not get off the ground
CLAM reticent and reserved
COBRA enemy / bitten by something
COUGAR wild untamed desires
COW general happiness in mundane matters
CRAYFISH stuck inside your shell
CRAB emotionally defensive
CRAB shy / homeley
CREATURE failure to identify problem
CREATURE undescribable - like nothing you have seen before
CROCODILE sensing trouble - sensing danger - something that you would rather avoid
CROCODILE something is unfair - a sense of resentment
CROW moan about something
DACHSHUND a faithful and loyal friend
DEER a dear thought - someone very dear to you
DEER reading signs of jumpiness in someones behavior - quick to spot danger - nervousness
DEER trust
DINASAUR old ideas techniques
DOG expecting loyalty from someone. A trusted friend or family member
DOG faithfully following some idea - following someones lead - devoted follower
DOG going with the pack and simply copying what others do
DOG territorial control - defending something that is yours
DOG your faith in human nature - issues involving trust, loyalty and dependability
DOLPHIN Feeling happy and a determination to enjoy life
DOLPHIN getting along better, a much healthier relationship
DONKEY stubborness
DRAGON being free with your emotions
DRAGON carried away by passions
DRAGON lacking any real connection with reality - a strange mysterious and unknown feeling you cannot quite describe
DUCK fortunate journeys
DUCK long journey
EAGLE birds link with the future - premonitions or anticipation of news
EAGLE power and ambition
EEL must hold on tight
ELEPHANT great age and distinction
ELEPHANT huge enourmous size
ELEPHANT like a hurd of elephants - clumsy
ELEPHANT you will find something difficult to forget in a hurry
ELF spirit of nature
ELK strength and ability to protect your family
FERRET enthusiasm in searching deep hidden meanings
FERRET ferociously hunt down
FIREFLY messenger of the unconscious
FISH TANK studying someones mood - looking and anaylsing your own feelings
FISH thoughts forming - new feelings - subconscious worries
FISH wondering what someone is thinking - sensing a new mood
FISHING wishing to think through and come to a firm conclusion on some issue - bringing up deep memories
FLIES worries and anxieties
FLIES worries and anxieties
FOX sly and cunning activity / clever and devious
FROG a frenchman or gallic type behavior
FROG man to prince
FROG transformation in personality
GATOR an overwhelming task or enemy
GAZELLE ability to move quickly in case of danger - nervous and jumpy
GAZELLE grace and elegance
GEESE a long journey or time consuming task
GERM invasion of rights
GERMAN SHEPHERD antagonistic thoughts coming from a devoted friend
GERMAN SHEPHERD tough and fiercely loyal
GERMAN SHEPHERD tough times in a devoted relationship
GIRAFFE a good view over your neighbours - being nosey
GOAT need to get involved in anything / nosey and curious
GOLDFISH water symbolises changing emotions and goldfish are symbolic of intense emotional and spiritual thoughts
GOLDFISH water symbolises changing emotions and goldfish are symbolic of intensely sensual thoughts
GORILLA foolish and thoughtless
GORILLA showing extreme anger
GROUNDHOG your real life grounded world forcing an issue upon you
GRYFFIN enthusiastically grasp at any opportunity
HAMSTER immature emotional outlook
HAMSTER non threatening thoughts
HAMSTER safe and comfortable ideas and thoughts / safe and comfortable relationships
HAWK closely watched / pounce on slightest error
HAWK need to watch out
HAWK watch like a hawk
HAWK worrying that you have not planned something out properly
HEDGEHOG oversensitive / prickly
HIPPO heavy emotional disturbances
HORSE exhilirating - exciting - taking a chance - anything can happen!
HORSE a need to be more careful
HORSE an upcoming event
HORSEBACK an exciting but often difficult moment or time period
HORSERACE competing passions
HORSESHOE directing your passionate energy
HOUSE MARTIN stealing for no reason
HUMMINGBIRD freedom and beauty
HUMMINGBIRD moving so fast you cannot see what is really happening
JACKAL doing someone elses work
JACKAL keen vision
KINGFISHER agile free flyowing operator
KITTEN a gut feeling fresh in your mind
KITTEN a strong sense about your direction in life
KITTEN new ideas and confidence in yourself as a woman
KITTEN newly aquired magical and pyschic powers
KOMODO DRAGON a fearsome reputation that is not based on myth - its based on reality
LABRADOR well disciplined loyal and faithful companion
LADYBUG sex pest - one who bugs ladies(pun)
LAMB lamb to slaughter
LAMB simple contentment
LAMB young exciting experiences
LEOPARD always the same even through great tranformations - a leopard never changes its spots
LEOPARD strong determined and forceful - capable of being feared by others
LION strong and courageous - really standing up to someone
LION very ferocious - intimidating - someone who scares you
LION something or someone you would rather avoid
LIONESS female courage
LIZARD reptile cold and nasty
LOCH NESS MONSTER emotional issues which have no real basis in reality
LOCUST plagued by something
MAGGOT cleaning up old festering wound
MAGPIE black and white messenger
MAGPIE endless chatter
MAMBA evil motives
MANATEE play on words - man at ease
MICE concentrating on small insignificant details
MICE huddle in corner
MILLIPEDE many many little problems
MONKEY devious character
MONKEY monkeying around
MOSQUITO being taken advantage of - bloodsucking friends
MOSQUITO overwhlemed by small problems
MOSQUITO some unseen problem / some unknown problem
MOTH magical night time thoughts - dream
MOUNTAIN GOAT being able to handle touch situations
MOUSE concentrating on small insignificant details
MOUSE huddle in corner
MOUSE navigate a computer
MOUSE need to be as quiet as a mouse
MOUSE something small
NEST domestic safety and happiness
NEST personal growth
NEST protection and familiarity
NIGHTINGALE romantic times
OCTOPUS emotional entanglement
OCTOPUS emotionally engrossed
OCTOPUS hands everywhere
ORC unknown thoughts or feelings / cannot quite pin a problem down
OSTRICH extremely nosey
OSTRICH head in sand
OSTRICH you are ignoring obvious problems
OWL a clear message from your subconscious - a need for wisdom
OWL wisdom and knowledge
OWL your interest in dream analysis
OXEN mundane actions
OYSTER aprodysiac
OYSTER shy and defensive person
OYSTER world is your oyster
PANTHER danger and mystery
PANTHER hidden beauty and grace
PANTHER the dream world
PARAKEET repeating something over and over again - the same old message
PARROT repeating something over and over again - the same old message - gossip
PARROT watch out for flattery : YES men
PENGUIN trouble balancing emotions
PENGUIN waddling awkward movement
PIGEON messenegr / warning sign
PORCUPINE the untouchable
PRAYING MANTIS authority picking on you
PUFFIN struggling
PUPPY a friendly and playful situation or friendship
PUPPY total devotion - doing everything asked of you
PUPPY loyal and committed
QUAIL subdued spirit
RABBIT cute and harmless - faithful and trustworthy
RABBIT magical - a tendency to drift off into childlike fantasies
RABBIT something multiplying and expanding at an massive rate - multiplying out of control
RABBIT the unfaithfulness or trustworthiness of a lover
RAM dominant male emotions
RAM forcing and insisting on something
RAT poor circumstances and poverty
RAT rat like emotions - low human behavior - untrustworty and deceitful
RAT someone who reveals your secrets or betrays you
RAVEN mischief
RAVEN to roam / intense hunger
REPTILE cold blooded criticism
RHINOCEROS a strong formidable character with a point to prove
RHINOCEROS heavyweight contender
ROACHES unwanted sexual experiences
ROBIN pun steal
ROTWEILER antagonistic thoughts coming from a devoted source
SALMON homing instinct
SALMON return home ?
SARDINE small fry / small desires / trapped in circumstances / no room for anything else
SCORPION self destruction
SCORPION stinging circumstances or people / destructive attitudes
SERPENT death and destruction
SHARK being unable to talk about something - sensing emotional danger
SHARK trouble is brewing and building up with a situation - sensing trouble
SHARK being scared about something
SHEEP folllow blindly
SLUG a sudden thought
SLUG slimy and horrid - something you would not like to touch or think about
SLUG slow moving
SNAKE a problem or trap - uncomfortably fast moving situation
SNAKE something you cannot deal with - being drawn into a dispute
SNAKE twisting everything someone says - singling someone out - a complaint
SNAKE a difficult relationship - a bad atmosphere
SNAKE something bad that could strike at any time
SNAKE phallic symbol - sexual intercourse
SPIDER connected with an actual phobia of spiders
SPIDER entanglement in circumstances
SPIDER overbearing mother - smothering individual
SPIDER something that causes a disproportionate amount of fear in your mind
SPING RAY an emotional issue that needs addressing
STALK persisting troubles / bad habits
STALK stalked by a by habit / tendency
STALK unable to rid yourself of some bad memory
STORK being stalked by thoughts
SWAN beauty and natural grace
SWAN swanning around - just doing your daily routine
SWARM overwhelmed by
TADPOLE fertility
TADPOLE ready for change
TAIL assured pleasures
TAME trying to contain or subdue some thought or urge
TARANTULA a problem to overcome
TARANTULA caught in trap
TARANTULA sinister and dangerous
TIGER an extreme fear
TIGER feminine power and authority
TIGER natural beauty and power
TRICERATOPS trying really hard
TUNA solid but not particularly inspiring experience of life
TUNA tune towards something?
TUNE a mood you adopt or attitude
TURKEY an ambition which has never really truely taken off
TURKEY noisy gossiping
TURTLE emotionally defensive - strong sturdy emotions
TURTLE self conscious timidity
TURTLE slow to make friends and reveal your emotions - living a sheltered life hiding yourself away
UNICORN mystery and essence
VULTURE enthusiastically grasp at any opportunity
VULTURE extreme warning of imment failure
WASP stinging comment
WEREWOLF unbridled sexual animal lust
WEREWOLF revealing a much scarier side to your personality - a person who reveals their true selves
WEREWOLF someone who has suddenly shown a much scrarier side to themselves
WHALE Trying to calm the situation down
WHALE a sense of calmness and spirituality within you
WILD CAT a part of you you are struggling with
WOLF bad times and bad events - the wolves are at the door
WOLF relentless hunting and ferocity
WOLF the detective inside you
WOLVES bad times and bad events - the wolves are at the door
WOLVES relentless hunting and ferocity
WORM disgusting and corrupting
WORM intense grovelling
WORM medical problem - healthy movement through your insides
WORM positive = eat through bad flesh and regenerate the land
WORM slow moving
ZOO trying to cage your wild emotions and feelings - trying to make something less obvious