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The Spiritual Approach to dream interpretation

The spiritual approach, By Alwaysdreamming

It’s almost ten years to the day when the dream started. Almost every night he was in my dream , the man I knew to be my soul mate. We are both married to others and living separate lives, so why did I need to dream about him? I had always felt that dream were important, but little did I know just how significant they were. I was about to enter into a journey of dream that would change the way I view my life – and life in general.

The dream started with some questions. I had always been baffled as to why my soul mate played such an important role in my life, and I begged God for some answers. I had to know what this immense attraction was all about, as its frustration and confusion was overwhelming. So now I’m asking two questions, what is this man all about and why the dream ? It turned out the dream were giving me the answers I was seeking about this man.

The dream were quite confusing at first, as I had very few dream over the course of my lifetime. They weren’t extremely symbolic at first, just straight to the point. So I prayed to God for answers as to what dream are and where they come from. I woke up with the answer the next morning. Surprisingly, the answer consisted of just one word, but I knew it was the answer. The word was “Discarnate.” I heard this word loudly and clearly. I knew it had some significance because I had never heard the word before, didn’t even know it existed – never mind knowing the meaning of the word. Although I could figure out its meaning from dissecting the word, I consulted the dictionary and confirmed my understanding. It means “away from the body,” hence spiritual.

Okay, then, I now knew that at least my dream were spiritual in nature, the message was clear, but what exactly could I do with that information? Well, it was at that very point that I realized that my connection to my soul mate was spiritual, we were at times communicating spiritually, and the dream from that day forward started to make absolute sense. The questions I had asked about my soul mate were being answered in my dream .

Of course, a basic understanding of spirituality is necessary and I already had that; therefore, I was able to easily piece the puzzle together. It seemed whatever was on my mind was being answered within the dream , and I felt I could trust the answers because they were spiritual in nature. Symbolic meanings became clear and any dream that seemed odd, weird or even totally insane made sense because I realized that spirituality holds no bounds. The rules are not the same as those of the physical realm, so all things are possible. Nightmares became non-existent, no matter how frightening (I just interpreted them symbolically).

The only time I experienced some fear in my dream was when I encountered another spirit who I perceived might do me harm. I believe the spiritual approach to dream can work for anyone who is spiritually inclined, especially those who believe in God or a Higher Power. If you believe in angels and spirit guides, your dream can become all the more clearer. The spiritual approach to my dream has helped me overcome depression and despair, frustration and confusion. My dream have given me answers and guidance, comfort and solace. They have also shown me love, ecstasy, and the power of my inner self. My dream are prophetic, enlightening, educational, and life-enhancing. The dream state has become my parallel universe, revealing to me a life that exists beyond a physical realm that is temporary and fleeting.